Quiz: Can You Decode These WWII Slang Words?
Can You Decode These WWII Slang Words?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

World War II was the largest and deadliest conflict in human history, and understandably, it's still studied to this day. Historians are still investigating its causes and its lingering effects, its weapons and technology, the art and fiction it inspired. Some people, though, aren't interested in all that. They're interested in the slang. 

Don't laugh: the Second World War gave rise to quite a bit of new lingo, spoken by soldiers in trenches, sailors in submarines and flight crews in bombers. A shared language creates a common bond, and that's rarely so important as in time of war. Some of the slang of WWII is with us to this day: you'll hear about someone having a "beef" with a co-worker, or getting his "chops busted." Other terms, like "lettuce," have become quite obscure. (We can't tell you what it means here; it'd be a spoiler.) 

The Greatest Generation is dying out; the people who created and used these slang terms in their early years will no longer be among us in another decade or so. So, whether you're a Millennial, Generation X or a Boomer, see how prepared you are to ensure that the slang of WWII lives on. Are you ready? Let's do this!

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