Can You Define These Fancy-Sounding Words?



Something that is acidulous is acidic or sour. Tell that sarcastic SOB that he is being acidulous.


When you do something adroitly, you're doing it quickly or with much skill. It's a fancier way of saying "adept."


Did you know that Belladonna is a fancy name for a seriously poisonous plant? It's also Italian for "pretty woman."


A tabernacle is like a church, only more so. Beginning priests wouldn't be running the show here!


Something that is transparent is described as being celluloid. It's also colorful, and is used to describe photographic film.


A bibliophile is a fancy word for someone who loves books. A book collector is a bibliophile.


Every language has its own cadence, or rhythm. It also refers to the lilt of a language.


Oh, that saucy little coquette! This is the fancy way of referring to a woman who is a sexual tease or flirt.


A dainty little dapple is merely a spot of mottled marking. These dapples usually appear in clusters.


Legerity comes from the French word, and it refers to agility and dexterity. It's important to place croquet with a great deal of legerity.


Do not say to the woman that she has lovely pale skin. To really impress her, tell her that she has alabaster skin.


A dell is a little wooded valley or vale. For instance, we're all aware of the farmer in the dell.


An echelon is a level or tier. When you're in the upper echelon, you're the cream of the crop.


A leviathan is an exceptionally large animal. A whale is often referred to as a leviathan.


Effluvium is a fancy word for foul discharge or emissions. Idiots might hurl rank effluvium from their mouths.


Clemency is a fancy word for mercy, or an act of mercy. You must beg for the judge's clemency.


Élan refers to a kind of vivacity or brio. It's also an ardor or gusto.


The literati are also referred to as the intelligentsia. They are the educated class, and they're known for being quite literate.


Brio refers to a kind of joie de vivre! Let's all aspire to be more brio in this life!


Ennui is a sort of spiritual or psychic discontent. It's also a listless or a weariness.


Cinnabar is a word for the color of bright, glowing red! The villain's eyes were sinister and cinnabar.


Equestrian is in reference to anything dealing with horses. When going on a hunt in the countryside, you're undertaking an equestrian expedition.


Esoterica are items that are rare and esoteric. They're also obscure and sometimes valuable.


Someone's forte is the niche within which they excel. For instance, taking quizzes might be your personal forte.


A gale is a rough gust of wind. People sometimes say that it is "blowing a gale" outside.


To gambol is to skip or jump along merrily. If you're having a good day, then you might gambol about in the heath.


Oh, just gaze across the way at that caliginous dawn. It's dim, obscure, gloomy and tenebrous.


The heath is an uncultivated piece of land. Folks in Britain are always taking jaunty walks in the heath.


When something is capricious, it's quite whimsical and impulsive. It's also unpredictable.


Heliotrope refers to the color light purple, and also to a flower. Oh, Delilah, I do adore your heliotrope cashmere sweater.


Oh, Judas Iscariot! You tyrant! Iscariot refers to something that is treacherous, or someone who has committed betrayal.


Kismet refers to fate, fortune, and chance. Hold onto the faith, and experience Kismet!


That charm that you bought at Rite Aid is not a charm at all. It's an amulet! It wards off evil and impurity.


To knell is to solemnly ring the bells. You will hear a knell during a funeral procession.


A lacuna is an empty space or omission. When there is a gap in chronology, it's known as a lacuna.

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