Quiz: Can You Define This American Expression?
Can You Define This American Expression?
By: Olivia Cantor
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Don't "take a raincheck!" If you're ready to "call it a day," you should start relaxing by taking this quiz! From all the American expressions in the English language, how many of them could you define?

The English language originated between 400 and 600 A.D. in what we now consider the Germanic and Scandinavian areas of Europe. Since then, the language was brought over to Great Britain, where it traveled over the Atlantic Ocean to North America with its settlers. While it is now a common second language for international natives to speak, they might have a bit of difficulty recognizing American English expressions.

Each language has its own expressions. Rather than saying the classic,"Oh my God," the French are replacing it with "Oh, the cow!" Unlike our expression of something "costing an arm and a leg," the French have their own form by saying it "costs the eyes in your head." Whether you're giving up your arms and legs or your eyes, clearly whatever it is costs a lot!

While those expressions and idioms may seem easy, how many American ones can you recognize? If someone tells you they want to "burn bridges," will you be calling up the fire department? If someone is "giving the cold shoulder," is that because it's winter outside?

Can you remember all these American expressions? We hope so! "Face the music" with this quiz! Do these expressions "ring a bell"? Let's find out!

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