Quiz: Can You Do as Well on the SATs as You Did Back Then?
Can You Do as Well on the SATs as You Did Back Then?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Who didn't love the SATs? If you were like many high school students, the SATs were a way to get out of class and prove you are as smart as you think you are. Required to take them or not, they didn't affect your grade or hold you back, but rather added that extra boost to your already successful career. Plus, who doesn't love the multiple choice questions over those darn essays your history teacher always wanted to throw at you, or "showing your work" like your algebra teacher insisted?

The SATs were designed to help show you and the world that your education was a success and to help propel you into the future. But that was a long time ago. Are you still as bright? Would you be able to best your younger self, or would your impulsive teenage years throttle you now? Can you figure out what 20% of 2 is? Or, do you know what 4 to the power of 3 equals? Oh, your not a math whiz? Well, how about an analogy "Cheerful is to alacrity as ordinary is to _____." Aren't analogies your cup of tea? How about this one? "Blithe unconcern can be described as _______."

To be fair, none of us are as smart as we were back in high school and at the same time, we are a lot more educated. Take this quiz to see if you can compete with your younger self. It seems easy, but just like the SATs, that can be misleading. 

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