Quiz: Can You Figure Out These Canadian Idioms?
Can You Figure Out These Canadian Idioms?
By: Becky Stigall
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From American cheese to Canadian bacon, things are different in Canada than they are in the United States. How many of these Canadian idioms can you identify, eh?

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What word do Canadians use to refer to one of their own?

Canuck is more often used to refer to a French Canadian. It may sometimes be used as an insult.

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What word might Canadians use to refer to distance?

A click or klick is a kilometer to the Canadians.

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What term is Canadian for loser?

Hosers are typically considered unintelligent and uncouth.

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What might a Canadian call you if you're the teacher's pet?

Although the term can be applied to anyone who is enthusiastic, it is most often used to describe a student.

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What term might a Canadian use to describe a physical struggle?

This term is also used by the British to describe a commotion.

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What might you have if you're a beer drinker in Canada?

A Molson muscle is a beer belly.

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What might a Canadian say if they mean definitely?

In the American south, they might say "fer sure."

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A Canadian might drink what at a party?

A mickey is a small bottle of alcohol, about 0.375 liter capacity, that can fit into a pocket.

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A case of beer might be known as what in Canada?

A case of 24 cans of beer might be called a two-four in Canada. Get it? 2-4?

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What might a Canadian call Canadian bacon?

Hmm, the Canadians don't call Canadian bacon Canadian? Weird.

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Need a little cream in your coffee? What might Canadians call it?

Canadians call cream or powdered non-dairy creamer "whitener," because it lightens the color of the coffee.

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Canadians call American cheese _________ cheese?

Americans must call it American to avoid calling it processed.

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Whole wheat bread to a Canadian is what?

Canadians call whole wheat bread "brown bread." It is, after all, brown.

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Canadian's don't take a test, they _____ a test.

Actually, Americans are one of the few nations that "take" a test. Most countries write or sit a test.

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To a Canadian, a grade is a ____.

Canadians mark a test and receive a mark. Is that at all confusing?

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To Canadians, a substitute teacher is a _____ teacher.

Hope they have a good supply if there's a strike!

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Canadian's don't pronounce the letter "Z" like Americans do. Canadians say what?

Canadians, and many other countries, say "zed" instead of "zee."

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Canadians might curl up on a ____________ on a cold winter night.

Canadians refer to couches and sofas as chesterfields.

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When done eating, Canadians ask for what at a restaurant?

Canadians say "bill"; Americans say "check.'

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Canadians might use what to bundle a pile of mail together?

Whereas an American might use a rubber band, a Canadian would use an elastic.

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To turn on the lights, a Canadian would need to have power. That power would be called what?

Canadians call the electricity that is supplied "hydro." It's short for hydroelectric.

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If you are a Canadian at a barbecue and you get a little sauce on your chin, what might you use to sop it up?

We don't know what cave you live in, but we would use a serviette, which we call a napkin here in the U.S.

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Canadians get water from the ___.

Tap means spigot or faucet. It sounds a lot better than saying, "I'll have a glass of spigot water."

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While drinking one's cup of morning Joe, a Canadian might sit out on his what?

A Muskoka chair is an Adirondack chair. The company that manufactures them is located in Canada.

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What pastry do the Canadians find yummy?

Beavertail is a fried pastry that is shaped like a beaver's tail.

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What delicious concoction do Canadians make with french fries?

Add cheese curds and gravy to fries, and you've got poutine.

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Desert in Canada might consist of what?

A Nanaimo bar, named after a city on Vancouver Island, is chocolate, brownie and icing.

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Police are called what in Canada?

A Mountie is an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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Canadians have a coin they call what?

A toonie, or a twoonie, is a two-dollar coin.

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A Canadian might wear what to keep his head warm?

A toque, or tuque, is a woolen hat. The word has French origins.

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If a Canadian were in Calgary, where might he say he is?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is sometimes referred to as Cowtown by both citizens and non-citizens of the city.

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A Canadian might order which of the following at Starbucks?

A double-double is a cup of coffee with two sugars and two creams. They might, however, place this order at Tim Hortons.

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A Canadian might put what on his feet before going out for a jog?

Runners, tennis shoes, sneakers... they're all the same, right?

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If a Canadian bought something on clearance, he might say he got a what?

Skookum means "great" in Canadian-ese.

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Canadians might eat what for breakfast?

Well, they certainly don't eat grass, sand or dirt, silly!

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