Quiz: Can You Figure Out If This Book Is from the Torah, New Testament or the Quran?
Can You Figure Out If This Book Is from the Torah, New Testament or the Quran?
By: Torrance Grey
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Judaism, Christianity and Islam are called the "Abrahamic" faiths; all grow out of the story of one man, called by God to leave the great city of Ur and become the father of a multitude. Christianity, once a splinter sect of Judaism, sees itself as the fulfillment of Judaism: according to Christianity, Jesus is the Messiah and the New Testament a description of God's new covenant with humanity, replacing the myriad rules of Torah. Islam, in turn, sees itself as the fulfillment of both faiths. Islam respects figures from Noah to Jesus as prophets, but rejects the Christian idea of Jesus as the actual son of God. 

The term "Torah" can refer to the first five books of the Jewish Bible (better known as the Chumash), the entire Hebrew Bible, or -- most broadly -- a way of living that is in line with the teachings of Moses and the prophets. Christianity absorbed all of the Jewish Bible into its own Bible, calling it the "Old Testament." Only the New Testament books are original to the Christian Bible. The Quran has the most books -- but technically, they are considered chapters, called "suras." There are 114 suras in the Quran, whose verses are called "ayat." 

We know this is all a lot to absorb! However, we're not testing you on overall knowledge of these scriptures. Instead, you just have to match the title to the holy book it appears in. Good luck!

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