Quiz: Can You Figure Out What Color These Black and White Logos Are Supposed to Be?
Can You Figure Out What Color These Black and White Logos Are Supposed to Be?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Android/Chili’s/Firefox/Starbucks/Twitter

About This Quiz

Logos are everywhere - just look around and you can surely see a few! But do you think you can remember the colors of some of the most common logos? Find out by taking this quiz!

Colors are a big part of logo design because they can evoke certain emotions in people. For example: blue represents logic and security; green is associated with youth and growth; and yellow symbolizes fun and friendliness. Without us even knowing it, we all associate colors with different qualities!

The color choices for logos are technically endless, but there are definitely some trends! Among the top companies, blue is the most popular logo color and red is a close second. Multicolor and black logos take the third and fourth spots, respectively. Most multicolor logos also use no more than 2 colors! Do you think you can easily identify the logo colors in this quiz?

Research has shown that people form judgments and expectations of things within 90 seconds of seeing them. So in a highly visual world like ours, a unique and appropriate logo is a big deal!

A logo can either help or hinder a company. It must be pretty difficult to create a good one, even simply choosing the colors! Feast your eyes on these logos and see if you can guess their colors!

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