Can You Figure Out What Kind of a Ball This Is from a Zoomed-In Photo?

By: Olivia C

This is, unmistakably, a baseball. Those stitches don't lie!

This is a basketball. That texture is easy to spot anywhere!

These colorful numbered balls are for billiards. Hey, don't get hit by one!

A bowling ball has holes for finger grips. Careful with that grip, though!

Don't underestimate the small size of golf balls. They hurt like hell when one hits ya!

This is a soccer ball. World Cup fans know this!

This oval-shaped ball is for American football. You throw it!

Thank the ancient British Empire for spreading the love of cricket games in certain parts of the world. Yep, this is a cricket ball.

The tennis ball is unmistakably furry. Hm, maybe it's because it's played in a lawn?

This is a volleyball. You gotta have great wrists and forearms to hit this one over the net!

Lacrosse is played with athletes carrying sticks that have nets on the end. That's where they catch this ball.

This is a cue ball to break the triangular formation of the billiard balls. You use this to hit the other balls to enter the pockets.

Pingpong is also called table tennis. This light and airy balls are tricky to hit with a paddle!

Dodgeball is a skillful game. Try to avoid being hit by one of these balls on the court.

This is the ball used for a polo game. Players ride a horse and hit this ball toward the goal of the other team.

This football-looking ball is for rugby. There's also a Rugby World Cup.

A punching ball is a boxing training ball usually suspended in the middle, with two straps that attach it on both ends to a standing stick. There's a desktop version of this now, where a suction cup sticks it onto a desk, and you can punch away to your heart's desire -- not necessarily boxing-oriented.

This rubber ball is for a racquetball game. It's actually hollow inside.

Roller hockey is played just like hockey, but with a ball and on roller skates. These balls also come in neon colors!

A shot put is an interesting Olympic event. Players throw one of these super-heavy balls as far as they can to win.

Handball games are played by teams. The goal is to pass around the ball and throw it inside the other team's goal.

Unlike bowling balls, duckpin balls don't have holes. But you can hold one easily and throw it to hit those pins anyway.

A softball is actually larger than a baseball. So you really hit it hard, too!

This is a croquet ball, which is supposed to be hit by a heavy mallet through some hoops. It's a bit like golf, only bulkier and not much walking on the greens...

Squash balls have varying bounce capacities. You can tell that by the number of dots painted on the ball.

Bandy balls are made of cork on the inside, used for playing bandy. It's basically a winter sport that's like a variation of hockey.

This is usually called just exercise ball. But in certain gyms, they call it the yoga ball or the pilates ball.

Water polo balls are equipped to be played on water surfaces. It's a fun and wet game!

Kickball is also called soccer baseball. It combines the rules and elements of both of these games, that's why.

A bunch of marbles is great to play with! No childhood is complete without playing with these things.

Tetherball is a simple game wherein a volleyball is tied to a rope, which is then tied to a post. It dangles from there.

In a specific game of billiards, the black eight ball is usually the last one to be hit and pocketed. If you do that accidentally, game over!

A speedball or a speed bag is used by boxers to help them condition themselves. It also helps with timing punches.

Rubber band ball-making is a thing. Deal with it.

These colorful paintballs are actually used as ammunition for paintball games. You load it onto an air gun and shoot your opponent with it.

A Koosh ball is actually a toy for smaller kids. Those rubbery hair-like things are helpful for motor skills development.

A kettlebell is usually used for weight training exercises. It has been in existence since the early 1900s, with earlier prototypes found during the late 1800s.

A sepak takraw ball is usually made of net. It is played like volleyball, with players kicking the ball instead of using their arms.

The Jai alai ball is caught and thrown using a handheld device that looks like a concave claw. Two players face a wall and bounce it off there.

Technically, this is called a Pokemon Go Poke Ball. Digital natives know this one!

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Did you know there were so many kinds of ball games out there in the world? You'll be surprised!

Different cultures have their own ball games, whether they are played for fun, in the schoolyards, or professionally, like in competitions and such. Sometimes, there are region-specific kinds of ball games, and there are also country-specific types. Sometimes, there is one kind of ball game which different countries interpret on their own. And there are even mash-up ball games wherein one kind of existing game would be experimentally joined into another, producing a third kind of game -- and a totally new one at that. It's really very diverse, you see.

And this is where you will see the creativity of human beings. For us to invent such ball games is enough proof that our brains are not only hardwired to communicate or survive, but we're also hardwired to have fun. Of course, which human being would not want to have fun once in a while, right? And for many, having fun means engaging in a game or sport where a ball of some sort is involved.

So, are you ready to see which kinds of balls these are? Take this really fun quiz and zoom out a winner!

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