Quiz: Can You Fill in the Blanks with this "Home Alone Quiz"?
Can You Fill in the Blanks with this "Home Alone Quiz"?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Hughes Entertainment

About This Quiz

What would you say if you realized that you left your young son at home?

That is just what the McCallisters accidentally did when they went on a vacation for Christmas. The surprise and shock of leaving their young son at home made for some great quotes. From Kevin and the people around him as well!

Do you know what hurtful phrase Jeff said to Kevin? How about what Kevin asked the cashier at the grocery store about his toothbrush? Sure, you know those, but what about the phrase that Harry said to Marv when they broke into the McCallisters house? One of the most famous quotes of all is of course, from a television that Kevin was watching!

Did you know that Macaulay Culkin's role as Kevin in "Home Alone" was written especially for him? We couldn't imagine another person playing his part!

A movie this good also can't go without recognition. "Home Alone" holds a Guinness World Record! The movie did exceptionally well, even upon its release. 

The quotes of "Home Alone" are very memorable and make the movie just as enjoyable as we all remember it to be. So, if you think you're a true fan of "Home Alone," what are you waiting for? Take the quiz and see what score you can get!

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