Can You Fill in the Missing Word for These Common Sports Terms?

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Fill in the missing word: "Down for the ___"

In boxing, a competitor gets ten seconds to get up from the mat after being knocked down. If they fail to do so, they are counted out, and the match is over.

Fill in the missing word: "Slam ___"

Many professional basketball players are great at dunking the ball in the hoop. This is when they jump, reach the ball above the rim, then place it inside the rim.

Fill in the missing word: "___ the goalposts"

Goalposts are used in American football for extra points and field goals. Therefore, if you move the goalposts, you're putting someone at a disadvantage.

Fill in the missing word: "Down to the ___"

When something is coming down to the wire, it is nearing the end. This phrase started in horse racing because a wire was stretched across the finish line to help determine the winner.

Fill in the missing word: "___ by the bell"

When a boxer is saved by the bell, he is taking a beating when the bell rings. He then gets to return to his corner and take a break before the next round.

Fill in the missing word: "Go ___"

Randy Moss was one of the greatest deep threats in NFL history at wide receiver​. He definitely heard "go deep" a time or two.

Fill in the missing word: "Throw in the ___"

Most competitors refuse to throw in the towel because they don't want to lose. In boxing, trainers will sometimes throw in the towel for their fighters to save them the humiliation.

Fill in the missing word: "Out of the ___"

In baseball, players hit the ball out of the park. The phrase has since been adopted to mean that you did something very well.

Fill in the missing word: "Play ___"

This phrase is often said at the beginning of a baseball game. Many people associate it with playing fairly.

Fill in the missing word: "___ a dive"

Boxing has a history of fighters throwing fights to get money. When a boxer does this, he is taking a dive.

Fill in the missing word: "Get the ball ___"

This term refers to starting a game. In basketball, a game is started by a tipoff, where the referee tosses the ball in the air and a player from each team tries to tip it to their own players.

Fill in the missing word: "Spread ___"

In football, the spread offense places players from sideline to sideline to spread the defense out. This is a very common system at the college level where they try to get athletes into the open field.

Fill in the missing word: "Pull-up ___"

Kobe Bryant had one of the greatest pull-up​ jump shots in NBA history. No matter how his body was positioned, he always managed to get a decent shot off.

Fill in the missing word: "Line of ___"

In football, the ball is placed on the line of scrimmage. The center then must snap the ball to the quarterback for the play to start.

Fill in the missing word: "___ jaw"

A boxer with a glass jaw can't take a punch. Some boxers, like Mike Tyson, made everyone seem like they had a glass jaw.

Fill in the missing word: "Foul ___"

A foul ball is one that does not land in the field of play. In baseball, a foul ball counts as a strike until the final one. On the final strike, a batter can hit as many foul balls as necessary.

Fill in the missing word: "___ the belt."

In boxing, you can't hit an opponent below the waistline. Some boxers ignore this and become known as dirty fighters.

Fill in the missing word: "Dual-threat ___"

Michael Vick was one of the most electric dual-threat quarterbacks of all time. However, injuries and legal troubles hampered most of his career.

Fill in the missing word: "Free ___"

A free throw happens after a foul in basketball. Some players are intentionally fouled because they are known to miss free throws.

Fill in the missing word: "End ___"

No player has run the ball into the end zone more than Emmitt Smith. During his career, he had 164 rushing touchdowns.

Fill in the missing word: "___ stretch"

This is a phrase that originated from horse racing. It references the final stretch of a race or game.

Fill in the missing word: "On the ___"

Someone who is on the ropes is about to lose. This comes from boxing when a boxer is pinned against the ropes and can't defend anymore.

Fill in the missing word: "___ beater"

In basketball, a player who can consistently hit shots when the shot clock is running down is known as a clutch player. In the NBA, Kyrie Irving has quickly established himself as one of the most clutch players in the league.

Fill in the missing word: "Most Valuable ___"

In the NBA, Kareem Abdul Jabbar has won more MVP awards than any other player, including the great Michael Jordan. Jabbar has six awards, and Jordan has five.

Fill in the missing word: "Hail ___"

The longest Hail Mary in NFL history came from Aaron Rodgers in 2015. He threw it 61 yards against the Lions for the winning touchdown.

Fill in the missing word: "Heavy ___"

Heavy hitters can knock opponents out with a single punch. Over the past decade, GGG has established himself as a heavy hitter, putting fear into those who face him.

Fill in the missing word: "Sideline to ___"

In football, the best defenders can run sideline to sideline and make tackles. This is particularly important at the linebacker spot.

Fill in the missing word: "Sucker ___"

James Butler Jr., a former boxer, once punched out Richard Grant after Butler lost a fight against Grant. Butler wasn't wearing gloves when he delivered the punch.

Fill in the missing word: "Bank ___"

A bank shot requires a player to shoot the ball off the backboard and into the hoop. A shot that doesn't use the backboard or the rim is known as "nothing but net."

Fill in the missing word: "___ clock"

The best offensive players use the play clock to their advantage. Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, will speed up or slow down the offense depending on how much play clock he wants to use.

Fill in the missing word: "Box ___"

The best rebounders in NBA history understood how to box players out. Wilt Chamberlain was great at this, gaining 23,924 rebounds during his career.

Fill in the missing word: "___ the distance"

This is a term that originated in boxing. It refers to a match that goes all 12 rounds.

Fill in the missing word: "Post __"

Post up players have to refine their skills year after year. Tim Duncan, one of the greatest post up players in NBA history, won four titles with the San Antonio Spurs.

Fill in the missing word: "Pocket ___"

Pocket passers aren't known for making plays with their legs. However, some of the best sure can throw the ball.

Filling in the missing word: "___ break"

Fast breaks often lead to easy points in basketball because the opposing team has fewer defenders than usual. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were two of the best fast break players during their time with the Miami Heat.

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