Quiz: Can You Fill in the Missing Words in These Famous American Poems?
Can You Fill in the Missing Words in These Famous American Poems?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you know your American poems inside out? While a lot of literature has become such a part of pop culture that people take it for granted, there are just as many famous poems out there. Many people tend to decide they don't like poetry without even giving it a chance, but that doesn't mean they have never encountered any of it. Literature has been shaping and informing American culture for centuries, and poetry plays a bigger role in that than many people realize. Poets often act as voices for entire eras, ideas and ideals. They are both voices of rebellion and reflection. 

Poetry can take many forms and serve many different purposes. It can be highly structured, like a sonnet or a haiku, or have little to no form at all. Some poems are only a few words long, while other single poems can fill up whole books on their own. From Whitman to Plath to Ginsberg to Hughes, American history is rich with different forms, emotions, times, places and experiences. 

If you know your American poets and their works inside and out, see if you can fill in the missing words in these poems and complete them with this quiz! 

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