Quiz: Can You Finish the Lyrics to These Cartoon Theme Songs?
Can You Finish the Lyrics to These Cartoon Theme Songs?
By: Abi Luftig
Image: ABC

About This Quiz

"Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales, it's almost time..." to take this quiz! When it comes to TV shows, some of our favorites are cartoons. While we all love watching the shows, we have to admit that the enjoyment starts with the theme song! From "Dragon Tales" to "The Flintstones," can you finish the lyrics to these cartoon show theme songs?

The very first cartoon ever created was credited to the French. Fantasmagorie was a black and white cartoon that debuted in 1908. The cartoon world would come to grow from the 1920s on. Characters like Mickey Mouse were introduced by Walt Disney Pictures. 1960 would bring about the first successful animated series on Primetime TV with "The Flintstones." The '80s and '90s would bring the millennial favorites of "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy." While many of these shows are loved, they don't all have a theme song! Can you finish the lyrics to all the ones that do?

"They're tiny, they're tooney," was a perfect theme song for the "Tiny Toon Adventures." "The Flintstones" were singing about being a modern Stone Age family. Fans were asking Scooby-Doo where he was before telling him that they needed some help from him. These are some of the most iconic cartoon TV shows with even more iconic theme songs.

Do you have what it takes to finish all the lyrics to these cartoon theme songs? Will you be living out life after this quiz in color and sound or will you be stuck in a silent, black and white world? There's only one way to find out!

Let's get animated!

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