Quiz: Can You Finish the Lyrics to These Childhood Playground Songs?
Can You Finish the Lyrics to These Childhood Playground Songs?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Everyone remembers their childhood playground songs - or at least, we remember the hook, probably the melody, and most of all, we remember how they made us feel. We all loved to sing them with our friends ad nauseam, even when the teachers were getting bored and even we knew on some level that it was time to move on to another ditty. We sang them even when we didn't actually know the origins of many of the songs were super dark (for example, did you know that "Ring a ring of roses" is actually about the Black Death?).  We sang them to protest the fact that we'd been forced out of doors irrespective of the weather, we sang them to coordinate our games, and we sang them for the sheer pleasure of singing very badly in a large group when it doesn't matter whether you can actually carry a tune or not. That's why we remember them so very well.

Indeed, since these songs are so memorable and such earworms that they are still stuck in your head ten or twenty or fifty years later, you're not going to have any trouble precisely remembering their lyrics... right? Take this quiz to find out!

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