Quiz: Can You Finish the Rest of These Famous Slogans?
Can You Finish the Rest of These Famous Slogans?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
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"JUST DO..." cardio? That doesn't sound right! We're pretty sure this isn't how the Nike slogan goes. Do you know it? From Nike to McDonald's to Maybelline, can you finish these famous slogans?

When you think of some of your favorite companies, your mind is immediately traveling to their products. You can't think about Apple without reaching for your iPhone or iPad. When you think of Nike, it might be because you're putting on a pair of running sneakers. While their products are what continue to help them sell, we can't forget about the importance of their slogans!

Although the products are what make you want to shop with a brand, we can all agree that it's the slogan that truly makes the company memorable. While insurance doesn't seem like a fun topic to talk about, we can probably all remember the slogan, "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." Most wouldn't remember the long-winded name of the California Milk Processor Brand, but everyone out there knows the popular question, "Got Milk?"

Company products matter, but so do their slogans, which is why you probably remember a ton of them. More than you'd think! Apple is telling you how to think while Skittles is asking you to taste something. Can you remember them?

If you can, you're in the right place! Within this quiz, you'll find some of the most popular slogans known to advertising. Can you finish all of them? Let's find out!

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