Quiz: Can You Finish These AC/DC Lyrics?
Can You Finish These AC/DC Lyrics?
By: J. Reinoehl
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About This Quiz

Hey, rock fans! Let’s see if you really know your AC/DC! On this quiz, you’ll find lyrics from the ‘70’s like “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It,” the ‘80s like “Back in Black,” as well as some lyrics from songs of the ‘90s like “Moneytalks” and more recent ones like “Rock ‘N’ Roll Train.” This quiz has something for everyone, whether you're a long time fan or just started your collection.

The main purpose of this quiz is to honor Malcolm Young and his talents as a lyricist. Although Malcolm didn’t appear onstage in the highly recognizable school outfit that his brother, Angus, wore, he was credited with collaboratively writing almost all of AC/DC’s published lyrics. Angus has stated that his work will continue on after his death because he kept well-organized files of his ideas.

Many other bands went through stages where they experimented with new styles that often alienated longtime fans. Malcolm Young made sure that didn’t happen with AC/DC. He was able to take one moment in his life—when he was a rebellious teenaged schoolboy—and translate it into music for nearly half a century. His body might have aged, but his spirit remained unchanged.

You know there is a lot more to AC/DC than lyrics, but a “fill in the missing riff” quiz couldn’t be translated into an online quiz quite as easily. Still, this "Can You Finish These AC/DC Lyrics?" quiz will show you how much you really know about AC/DC and help you remember and perhaps raise your glass to this great musician. Find out how well you know these lyrics and then challenge your friends to beat your score!

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