Quiz: Can You Finish These Childhood Phrases?
Can You Finish These Childhood Phrases?
By: Susan McDonald
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"Missed me, missed me, now you gotta QUIZ me!" While we're sure that's not the actual childhood expression, it will work for now! From kissing in a tree to closing your dessert hole, how many of these childhood expressions can you finish?

When it comes to adulthood, the idioms and expressions you often use sound more sophisticated than those of a child. You'll often hear expressions like "cost an arm and a leg" for something that is overly expensive. For something (or someone) who looks good, you'd use the expression "look like a million bucks." These expressions sound great for adults, but the ones for children are obviously a bit more ... childish. 

These childhood expressions are often for childish things. If you're trying to tease someone, there's one for that! If you want a different way to tell someone to "shut up," there's one for that too! Maybe you're trying to make a bully leave you alone. There's an expression for this too! Just how many of them can you finish?

If your bully is glue, what material do you have to be for their insults to bounce off of you and stick to them? As for the old saying, what was she selling by the seashore?

Can you remember all of these? We spy with our little ... nose an expert at these expressions. While that doesn't sound right, we're sure you know the right answer! Can you prove it? Let's find out!

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