Quiz: Can you follow the twists and turns of Death Note?
Can you follow the twists and turns of Death Note?
By: Olivia Seitz
Image: NTV

About This Quiz

"Death Note" is one of the most beloved manga (and now anime) series of all time. Did you watch the main characters face off in a battle of wit and wills unlike any other? Test your knowledge of the series now!

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Who is the series' main character?
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What must you know about a person to use the Death Note?
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Near the show's beginning, when Light realizes he is under surveillance, he utters the famous line, "I'll take a ______ ... and eat it!"
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What is the name of the Shinigami who steals a Death Note and amuses himself by watching Light use it?
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What motivates Light to start using the Death Note?
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What is the name of the girl who idolizes Light and helps him complete his missions?
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Who makes the bargain to gain Shinigami eyes?
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What pseudonym does Light use when he makes public announcements?
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What is Misa Amane's profession?
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What is the default method of death inflicted by the Death Note?
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What is Ryuk's favorite food?
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Both L and Light separately claim to be what?
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How do Kira and Misa escape after the fingerprints on a Kira tape are traced to Misa?
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As the series comes to a head, who kills L?
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Who takes over the Task Force after L is killed?
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To which government does Near go with four years' of data?
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Who finally solves the Kira case (and lives to tell about it)?
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In the end, who kills Light?
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