Quiz: Can You Get More Than 11 Right on the Ultimate Baseball Quiz?
Can You Get More Than 11 Right on the Ultimate Baseball Quiz?
By: John Miller
Image: Donald Miralle/Digital Vision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Perhaps it’s partly America’s obsession with Old West lore that makes this game so enthralling. A gunslinger pitcher strides to the mound in front of thousands of spectators, squints hard at the plate, and then unleashes his full fury toward the batter. And with a wooden weapon, the batter will do his best to win the duel. And so it goes in America’s favorite pastime – baseball. But what do you really know about professional baseball in the United States?

Although America claims the game for itself, baseball first came to life in England during the 1700s. The game crossed the Atlantic and in the mid-1800s, it became a fad for the ages, starting in New York. From there, diamond-shaped fields began springing up all over the country. Do you know any of the first teams in Major League Baseball?

More than any other sport, baseball is saturated with statistics. Data crunchers track the performance of every player, comparing them to legends of the past. From home runs to strikeouts to stolen bases, do you know some of the sport’s most amazing feats?

Wind up for this pro baseball quiz now! We’ll wager you’ll strike out on a few of these tough questions.

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He's a sure Hall of Famer. In 2009, which team drafted a dominant player named Mike Trout?
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Which city's team is known as the Orioles?
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His power was off the charts. Which player was called "Hammer"?
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Cal Ripken Jr. was famously durable. He played how many consecutive games?
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Just take your base, already. Who was intentionally walked more than any other player?
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It lasted decades. In 1945, a famous curse was reportedly placed on which team?
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It was a feat for the ages. What did Matt Davidson do on opening day 2018?
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Who is the only person ever to hit both an MLB home run and score an NFL touchdown … in the same week?
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It's a strange but true tradition. Before they're used in games, what happens to all MLB baseballs?
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Barry Bonds was a crazy-good hitter. Of his 12,606 plate appearances, what percentage ended with either a walk or a home run?
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He was a big (as in large) star on the diamond. For which team did Kirby Puckett play his entire career?
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It's one of the sport's most coveted titles. Who holds the record for most career home runs?
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Few players get such an epic moniker. What is Noah Syndergaard's nickname?
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But she never played. When was the first female selected in the MLB draft?
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He was a walking Swiss Army knife. How did Babe Ruth begin his career?
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It hardly ever happens. What did Yankees' player Aaron Judge do in August 2016?
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It's a stat that really matters in this game. Who has more career RBIs than anyone else?
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He had more than one. What was Jimmie Foxx's nickname?
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He was close to perfect. Which record does Nick Markakis hold?
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He couldn't get enough. Why did Babe Ruth want to convert from pitcher to outfielder?
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He had a rubber band for an arm. Which pitcher holds the best career ERA?
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It's a triple-digit monster. What's the greatest number of wins any team has ever won in a season?
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By today's standards, it was a pauper's salary. Adjusted for inflation, what would Babe Ruth's salary be today?
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He's a streak of amazingness. What is Mike Trout's nickname?
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The Cubs weren't the only "cursed" team. Which other team was famously cursed in its pursuit for a title?
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It scarred the sports world. Which team was scandalized because it purposely lost the 1919 World Series?
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It's still an amazing feat. How many times was Jimmie Foxx named MVP?
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He was a child. How old was Hank Aaron when he had his first major league tryout?
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He was no slouch. What was Babe Ruth's ERA before he switched to outfielder?
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Rickey Henderson set this devious mark. What is his famous record?
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His arm was legendary. Which player was known as "The Rocket"?
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Why did Cal Ripken Jr.'s streak of consecutive games played finally come to an end?
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He's No. 1 in many hearts. Who's SECOND on the list of career home runs?
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He played for three teams. With which team did Babe Ruth end his career?
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