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Whitch word is mispelled in this sentence?

Did you smile at that question? It's an easy one, but so many words are easily overlooked for the correct spelling, especially "misspelled".

"We made acommodations in the best hotel in Massachusetts." Which word(s) are misspelled?

The correct spelling is "accommodations". Remember to accommodate more people, you need more letters like a double "c" and double "m".

"The athiest had an alterior motive when he joined the church." What word(s) are spelled incorrectly?

"Atheist" and "ulterior" are two words which are commonly misspelled.

Which is the correct spelling of the word?

Some words are just easy to misspell. Rhino is one of them.

"It takes a lot of committment to learn how to spell words correctly if English isn't your native language." What word(s) are incorrect?

Commitment is spelled incorrectly most often due to the differences in spelling when different tenses are used. For example, these are all correct spellings: committed, committing, and committee.

"The family concensus was to call the Dalmatian puppy, 'Reginald the Royal'." What word(s) are spelled incorrectly?

It's not a true agreement if the word "consensus" is spelled incorrectly.

Which spelling is correct?

The New American Heritage Dictionary does not allow the variant "nickle", although the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary does. However, it's best to use "nickel" to ensure correct spelling in ALL instances.

"Getting a copywrite was dependant on when the goverment patent expired." What word(s) are spelled incorrectly?

Here's the correct spelling: "Getting a copyright was dependent on when the government patent expired."

"After the brain hemorage, good hygeine and the correct dosage of drugs was crucial." What word(s) are spelled incorrectly?

Here's the corrected sentence: "After the brain hemorrhage, good hygiene and the correct dosage of drugs was crucial."

Which spelling is correct?

It takes perseverance in memorization to get this one right!

"He was dissapointed when it became public, as it reveled his hypocracy." What word(s) are spelled incorrectly?

Sometimes it's hard to spot misspellings when the misspelled word does not register in spellcheck. "Reveled" is spelled correctly, however the word should be "revealed" according to the context of the sentence.

The brunch was all ready smelling bad when the guests arrived. What word(s) are misspelled?

“All ready” as two words means “prepared" which is NOT the correct usage in the above sentence. The correct usage is "already" which means "previously or prior to" .

"He never had an expresso before and was embarrassed by how awkwardly he ordered." What word(s) are spelled incorrectly?

It's amazing that no matter how prevalent coffee shops are in the U.S., most people spell espresso incorrectly.

"His facist leanings caused a protest at the univeristy." What word(s) are spelled incorrectly?

It hurts when someone misspells an educational institution. Here's the correct spelling: "His fascist leanings caused a protest at the university."

What is the correct way to spell this word?

If it's hard to pronounce, it usually is even harder to spell!

"The swaying fluoroscent lightbulb revealed that the monestary was in dire straits." What word(s) are spelled incorrectly?

Here is the correct spelling: The swaying fluorescent lightbulb revealed that the monastery was in dire straits."

"Millenials today need spell check for words like mischievious, and Caucasion." What word(s) are misspelled?

Now that spell check has entered our lives, not JUST Millennials need it. Here's the corrected sentence: Millennials today need spell check for words like mischievous, and Caucasian.

How would you spell this word correctly?

Always use "regardless" as opposed to "irregardless". "Regardless" already means “without regard.” The -ir prefix is redundant.

"The harrassment stopped once they got to the cemetary." What word(s) are misspelled?

Are some of these common misspellings making you cringe? Here, feel better with the corrected sentence: "The harassment stopped once they got to the cemetery."

Only one of these is spelled correctly, which one?

It's a weird word to look at, and to spell it just remember there's a double "u" in it because YOU have to add yourself to the vacuum to make it work.

Four words, but only one is correctly spelled. Which one?

It's not easy to be a vegetarian, especially if you love bacon.

"The heroes of the story knew better than to fight the Leviathan, a giant sea creature." What word(s) are misspelled?

Rest your eyes, this sentence is correct as is.

"She new better than to spell 'knowledge' incorrectly however, she got the word, 'fortey' wrong." What word(s) are misspelled?

It's a homonym. Sometimes, those can be the hardest to catch when you're looking for common misspellings. ("Fortey" doesn't count here because it's an example.)

Which of these words are spelled correctly?

You could be talking about a law or an outdated method. Superseded means to replace something older, less effective or less important.

"She was thinking of steeling the braclet than thought about the consequences." What word(s) are misspelled?

In this sentence, "steeling" should be spelled as "stealing" and bracelet is spelled incorrectly.

"It's intresting how people juge each other so harshly."What word(s) are misspelled?

If you have a good eye you caught "interesting" and "judge" as being incorrectly spelled.

"He had nightmares about taking the chemistry test." What word(s) are misspelled?

It's hard when you're looking for spelling mistakes and suddently don't find them. (If you just caught "suddenly" in the prior sentence, we hope you feel better now.)

Only one of these is spelled correctly. Which one is it?

The strategy is to get the answer correct at a glance, and not use the hints to get the correct answer.

"After he ate the hole thing he had indigestion for hours." What word(s) are misspelled?

It's easy for this one to slip by when it's a homonym, "hole" versus "whole".

What is the correct way to spell this word?

Preceding is similar to the word "previous". Use preceding to describe a thing or event that comes before something else.

"Cheating on the examinnation is an amoral activity." What word(s) are misspelled?

If you got caught up on the homonym here's an easy way to remember. Immoral has an ‘I’ in it -- I can do something which is not moral. Amoral means not concerned with morality.

"Alot of people make this mistake, but that doesn't make it rite, it's still neccessary to correct it." What word(s) are misspelled?

From word usage to homonyms and misspellings, this sentence has them all. Here is the corrected sentence: "A lot of people make this mistake, but that doesn't make it right, it's still necessary to correct."

"Its her scarve so noone else better claim it." What word(s) are misspelled?

In the above sentence "It" is in a possessive form plus there are other corrections. Here is the sentence properly spelled: "It's her scarf so no one else better claim it."

"It wasn't noticiable when it occured, but now the hole is much bigger." What word(s) are misspelled?

If you spell "noticeable" and "occurred" correctly, this sentence is perfect.

"Medical-based words, like opthamologist, can be hard for any one to spell." What word(s) are misspelled?

You would use "anyone" (one word) to refer to any person at all, not a particular person. So the corrected sentence is: "Medical-based words, like ophthalmologist, can be hard for anyone to spell."

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Are you the kind of person who will look at a menu and find the spelling mistakes, or glance at a newspaper article, or a report and see the errors? Your eye is simply drawn to those annoying misspellings -- so much so, you can't see anything besides the mistake itself. It's so glaring! That's why this quiz will be a quick one for you. At a glance you'll spot the problem words. Sure, we mix it up and make some questions more difficult than others. But who doesn't love a challenge? That's why we'll throw in a homonym or two, some possessive pronouns that shouldn't be there, and other devious devices to make it more stimulating than a mere spelling quiz. We want you to use your eagle eyes on this test. 

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