Quiz: Can You Guess Each of These Car Parts Using Only Emojis?
Can You Guess Each of These Car Parts Using Only Emojis?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: HowStuffWorks.com

About This Quiz

As you know, cars have a long been part of our history. And what a brilliant invention they have been. The motor vehicle is probably in the top 10 inventions of the last 150 years. Just what would we do without them? 

Emojis have not been around for that long. The first one was created in a country that has given us some of the greatest cars ever, Japan! And it was only a few short years ago that emojis were actually used. That's mainly thanks to the mobile phone revolution, one could say. 

In 1999, Shigataka Kurita made the world's first emoji and went onto make 180 in total that became popular with mobile phone users. And now, they are certainly big business. As of June 2017, there was 2,666 emojis that formed part of the widely accepted UNICODE standard. 

So what's that got to do with motor vehicles? Well, not a lot actually until ...

Let's see if you can tell the car part found within the engine, cab or outside of a vehicle from a set of emojis. We have painstakingly (and it was painstaking, believe us) come up with a host of car parts that we have used emojis to describe. 

Can you identify them?

Good luck

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