Quiz: Can You Guess How Much These Fast Food Items Cost?
Can You Guess How Much These Fast Food Items Cost?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Youtube via Culver's

About This Quiz

Let's face it, with busy schedules, having home-made food, cooked for hours over the stove, is a thing of the past. From getting the kids fed between their sports and scholastic activities, to running errands or simply needing a night or two where you don't have to figure out dinner, the drive-thru can help you and your family keep on time and on track. However, it may not keep you on budget. That's why you'll enjoy this quiz. It will give you a better idea of what you pay at the counter at different fast food chains. However, if fast food is a daily or weekly event, you'll quickly and easily spot a meal that is priced too high or too low.

Sure, there are local promotions where you can get two of an item for the price of one, but this quiz doesn't cover that, or add tax for that matter. It will quiz you on the cost of an item when you go up to the counter and order it before it's tallied up.  We consulted FastFoodMenuPrices.com to get the national average. So check it out and test your pricing skills. You may be surprised what a savvy connoisseur of fast food you truly are. 

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