Can You Guess How Much These Trucks Cost?

Robin Tyler

Ever popular, at what price range will you find the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado?

A very popular pickup in the United States, around 500,000 units of the Chevrolet Silverado were sold in 2016. The 2018 model costs between $28,300 and $55,600.

Possibly the most popular truck in America, do you know how much a 2018 model of the Ford F-150 costs?

Perhaps the most iconic truck ever released by Ford, the F-150 is simply loved in the United States. In fact, this is the biggest selling truck in the country for the past three decades! At certain times, it was also the most popular vehicle in the country in terms of sales.

A stablemate of the Chevrolet Silverado, for how much will a 2018 GMC Sierra set you back off the dealer floor?

The GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are effectively the same vehicles. The Sierra is popular with customers looking for a rugged pick-up capable of going the distance. Its ability to take a beating is one of the reasons the Sierra is used by the U.S. military. The latest models will cost anything from $29,000 - $56,300.

Tell us the price range for a 2018 Ram 1500, please.

Formerly Dodge RAM, this line of trucks dropped the Dodge in 2011. These are some of the most popular trucks in the United States, and models include the RAM 1500. In fact, in just one year (2016), RAM sold nearly 500,000 units in the U.S. A 2018 model of the 1500 costs between $27,095 and $53,995.

A Japanese make built to American pickup dimensions, do you know the price range for a 2018 Toyota Tundra 4WD?

This Toyota pickup has been available in the United States since 1999. By producing the Tundra, Toyota became the first Japanese company to produce an American-sized pickup. The 2018 4-wheel-drive version will cost you between $34,170 to $50,130 depending on your chosen specs.

VIA's W15 electric pickup will cost how much brand new?

A brand new VIA W15 Electric Truck is the perfect way to ride a pickup and care about the environment. They don’t come cheap, however, and are around $50,995 to $53,995.

A 2018 model of the Nissan Titan will cost ________?

The Nissan Titan has a few different loadouts. One of these, the Pro-4x option, was a specifically designed off-road package that turned the Titan into a more than useful off-road vehicle. The Titan also has a very effective 5.6 liter V8 engine. Costwise, depending on the specs you chose, a 2018 model will set you back $30,030 to $56,300.

The GMC Canyon is a popular mid-sized pickup. Do you know into which price range it fits?

The Canyon is a mid-sized pickup marketed by GMC. It shares the same platform as the Chevrolet Colorado and comes with a range of engine options, including the 2.8L I-4 Turbo Duramax diesel engine.

The vehicle in this image is a Chevrolet Colorado. How much will a brand new model of this mid-sized truck cost you?

The Colorado is a pickup truck in the mid-sized segment. It has been produced by Chevrolet since 2003. It is available as both a 2-door regular cab, 4-door extended cab and 4-door crew cab. Your choice affects the price with the 2018 model coming in at between $20,200 to $42,000.

OK, let's try a used car. How much will a Jeep Comanche from the mid-1990s cost?

The Comanche pickup was marketed by Jeep between 1985 and 1992. It offered two different configurations in terms of its cargo bed, with either six or seven feet lengths available. The Comanche offered four engine options (including diesel) with a 4.0 L gasoline engine the biggest available. Nowadays, a used Comanche will cost in the region of $5,995 to $8,000.

The Super Duty from Ford has many model options. How much will you pay for a 2018 F-350 DRW Crew Cab?

The Crew Cab version of the Ford F-350 Super Duty is around the mid $40,000s.

Quite the performance truck in its day, the GMC Syclone is still in demand, despite the fact that it is more than 20 years old. How much will a used Syclone cost?

What happens when you combine a pickup with a 4.3-liter turbocharged V-6? A Syclone, that's what. With its all-wheel-drive, the Syclone was faster than many sports cars of the time and easily raced to 60 mph from a standing start in under 5 seconds. A used Syclone today will set you back $17,995 to $19,995.

Do you know the price range for the 2018 GMC Sierra 3500?

Available as a 2-door, 4-door double and 4-door crew cab, the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are effectively the same cars. The 3500 model is priced between $35,100 and $47,100 for a 2018 model, all depending on what you opt for in terms of configuration.

The monster Ford Super Duty 550 DRW costs how much?

The newest model of the Ford Super Duty DRW costs from $39,135 to $63,865.

Back to a used model, the Chevrolet SSR was not that well received in 2003. As a used vehicle, however, they are not that cheap. Guess their price range, please.

A pickup with a difference, the SSR was produced by Chevrolet between 2003 and 2006. In fact, SSR stands for Super Sport Roadster with the vehicle actually a convertible pickup with a retractable hardtop. Unfortunately for Chevrolet, sales for the SSR were not exactly stellar. If you want a second-hand SSR today, be prepared to pay between $14,995 and $20,000.

Do you know how much the vehicle in this image, a Honda Ridgeline, costs on the dealer floor?

A sports utility truck, the Ridgeline was first marketed by Honda in 2005. Current models cost between $36,100 and $59,900.

Another used classic, what is the price of a Jeep Honcho if you bought it today?

A ‘70s Jeep pickup, the Honcho was a spec option for the Gladiator. Today, a used one will cost between $5,000 to $8,000.

The Ram 2500 is going to cost between _______ and _________ brand new.

A heavy-duty pickup truck with either gasoline or diesel powerplant options, a 2018 Ram 2500 will set you back between $32,545 and $59,195.

Are you able to guess the price of a Chevrolet Silverado 2500 pickup?

The 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD costs between $34,500 and $59,000 brand new.

A complete failure as a model from Lincoln, the Blackwood still sells on the used car market. But for how much?

An up-trimmed version of the Ford F-150, the Blackwood was Lincoln's answer to the pickup market. It only sold in America in 2002 due to a poor reception from the public. Today, a Blackwood can still go for a fair amount but this is totally dependent on its condition.

What is the price range for this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cab version?

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is known more as a van but this version allows for a bed to be placed on the back. That’s a pickup, right? It will cost between $37,920 and $38,630 brand new.

Do you know the price range for a brand new Ram 4500 Chassis Cab model?

The lack of a truck bed makes this RAM 4500 Chassis Cab a pickup with a difference. It can be configured as you see fit. This adds incredible versatility. The 4500 version retails for between $37,495 and $44,545.

With so many different specifications from which to choose, the Ford F-350 has a wide price range. What is it?

The Super Duty was first introduced into the pickup market by Ford in 1999. The Super Duty is available in a host of models, including the F-350 DRW which costs between $35,810 and $82,870, depending on chosen specifications.

Back to used models. How much do you think you would pay for a Chevrolet Avalanche at your local car dealer?

This long-wheelbase full-sized pickup formed part of the Chevrolet model range from 2001 to 2013, with two generations produced. The Avalanche could carry either four or six passengers, depending on the body type chosen. The second generation offered four different powerplant options, all V8s. Around 625,000 Avalanche's were sold during its production run. Today, an Avalanche can be bought for between $22,000 and $29,000.

The Viper engined Dodge SRT 10 was a legendary performance pickup. What does it go for these days?

A Dodge Viper engine in a pickup? Yes, it really happened. The Ram SRT-10 was the fastest production truck at the time, completing 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds and able to reach 155 mph. And all of that power was channeled through a manual transmission! Scary! Today, a second-hand%0DRAM SRT 10 goes for between $17,495 and $24,995, depending on its condition.

What price would you pay for the vehicle from Ford shown in this image?

The Ford Transit chassis model costs between $29,260 and $32,435 and lands you a Ford Transit with the rear chassis exposed, free to configure as you see fit.

Another performance pickup that is still in demand today. What price does the GMC Typhoon sell for, more or less?

Take a 4.3-liter turbocharged V-6 as well as the transmission of a Corvette and couple that with an all-wheel-drive truck and what do you have? A Typhoon, that's what. The Typhoon was faster than many sports cars of the time and easily raced to 60 mph from a standing start in under 5 seconds. Today, Typhoons remain in demand and will cost you around $17,995 to $19,995 used.

This Ford Super Duty model is priced between _____ and ______ brand new.

A F-450 Ford Super Duty is priced between $38,040 and $62,765 for a 2018 model.

The new Jeep Scrambler will be introduced in 2019. But in what price range?

The Scrambler was first introduced in the 1970s but Jeep plans on releasing a new model in 2019. It is said that it will cost between $31,500 to $38,000.

A brand new model of the Nissan Frontier will cost ______?

Blessed with excellent off-road capabilities, the Nissan Frontier entered the market in 1997 although it is known as the Navarra in many parts of the world. It has a range of gasoline and diesel powerplants, Bilstein shocks and a rear-locking differential.

Any idea as to the price of the 2018 Ram 3500 Chassis Cab?

A vehicle without a truck bed, the Ram 3500 Chassis Cab model retails for around $33,495 to $41,045.

The Toyota Tacoma is priced around which range for a 2018 model?

The second generation of the Tacoma is ranked amongst the top off-roaders available today. As with all Toyotas, the Tacoma is extremely reliable, an important part of any off-roading adventure. A new Tacoma is priced between $25,200 - $43,520.

The Nissan Titan XD Pro-4X diesel is a great off-roader. Any idea of what you would pay for a 2018 model?

The Nissan Titan has a few different specs. One of these, the Pro-4x option, was a specifically designed off-road package that turned the Titan into a more than useful off-road vehicle. That would put you near the top of its price range, which varies from $32,040 to $63,610.

A very rare Chevy from the 1970s, how much would you expect to pay for the Blazer Chalet today?

A pickup truck with a camping space on the back, the Blazer Chalet combined some off-roading with camping. The chalet section, which slept two people, was made by Chinook and just neatly slid into place. Two-thousand Blazer Chalet models were made and you can pick one up for around $2,500 to $4,000. Bear in mind these pickups are now over 40 years old.

Any idea as to the price of the Ford vehicle in this image?

Although the Ford E-Series is actually a van, the Cutaway version allows for a bed, making it a pickup in our book. It goes for around $30,940 to $34,145 for a 2018 model.

How much would you expect to pay for this Mercedes Freightliner model?

This Mercedes allows for much customization, depending on your needs. Priced at between $37,920 and $38,630, the Sprinter Cab is just that, a cab. What you put behind it is up to you.

The Ram 3500 heavy-duty pickup is priced at what range?

This heavy-duty Ram model is a popular choice for pickup enthusiasts. It is priced right as well, with a range between $33,645 and $60,295, depending on your chosen specs.

A Chevy workhorse, what is the price of the Silverado 3500 HD?

This heavy-duty truck from Chevrolet is a real workhorse. Expect to pay between $34,700 and $46,200 for a 2018 model.

Any idea as to what a cab-only version of the Ford Super Duty F-350 SRW is priced at brand new?

With no truck bed, the Ford Super Duty F-350 SRW is priced lower than most other versions of this much-loved pickup. Expect to pay between $33,700 and $50,765.

The vehicle in this image is the bedless version of the Ram 3500, called the Chassis Cab. Do you know the price of a 2018 model?

A vehicle without a truck bed, the Ram 3500 Chassis Cab model retails for around $33,495 to $41,045.

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