Quiz: Can You Guess the '50s Car Make From a Clue?
Can You Guess the '50s Car Make From a Clue?
By: Steven Symes
Image: samspace81

About This Quiz

It was a decade when the car was king: drive-ins, drag races, and lots of kids polishing chrome. 

The 1950s was a transitional period for cars around the world. In North America, the economy was roaring forward and people were striving to live an ideal, innocent life. The cars reflected these ideals with plenty of chrome, bright colors and white interiors becoming common. Cars also grew larger, sported big fins, rocket-shaped taillights and all kinds of brash styling effects. Technology was also pushing forward, with impressive vehicle horsepower increases. At the same time, vehicle safety pretty much stagnated, creating a growing problem. 

In Europe, the automotive market turned more practical. The ravages of WWII had left large swaths of the continent in shambles, so precious resources needed to be conserved. Smaller, not quite as powerful cars ruled the roads. But, brands like Ferrari still made some pretty amazing performance cars during the 1950s. 

Throughout the world, different car brands were striving to really differentiate themselves from the competition. The heat in the industry was turning up, with many brands dying during this decade as shoppers became more critical and discerning when looking for a vehicle. 

There's a lot to know about this decade, and plenty of different brands, with many not around today. Can you figure out what brand is being referred to with a clue from the 1950s? Take the quiz and find out! 

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It made the famous Hornet.
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This brand created the Chieftain Two-Door Sedan in 1957.
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The 356 was this brand's first car, which was popular with drivers in the 1950s.
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This brand launched the huge and continual ad campaign "See the USA" driving one of these.
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This brand debuted the Karmann Ghia in 1955.
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This brand used the slogan, "Ask the Man Who Owns One."
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When this car brand debuted the Florida in 1955, it caused big waves.
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This British brand was the first in the island nation to make a car, the Minor Sedan, that hit one million units produced.
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This brand put its first V-8 production engine in a station wagon.
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The Magnette transformed this brand's image in the 1950s.
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The XK120 was this brand's first sports car after WWII.
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This brand merged with the creator of the Jeep, hyphenating its name with Jeep's.
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"Craftsmanship with Flair" was the slogan for this brand in 1956.
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In 1953, this brand launched the Travelall SUV.
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This brand was also famous for making refrigerators under the Kelvinator name.
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This brand released a sports car with gull-wing doors.
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This brand released the futuristic DS car in 1955.
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This German brand famously made the Isletta microcar.
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This luxury brand released two cars with "bathtub" styling at the start of the decade.
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This American brand made subcompacts at a time when consumers wanted big cars.
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This brand used the Fury to revitalize itself.
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This brand collaborated with Abarth to make a hot version of the Zagato Coupe.
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This brand offered a Wideside truck, which had a full-width box.
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This brand debuted the 410 Superamerica as a retail vehicle.
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This brand released the Eldorado Brougham in 1957.
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This brand offered the 76 and 88 models, essentially the same car.
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This brand made a Virginian model, which was supposed to embody the Southern spirit.
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This brand's logo was simply "The Dependables."
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This brand celebrated 50 years and launched an ad campaign called "The American Road" in the middle of the decade.
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To celebrate its 50th anniversary, this brand launched redesigned versions of the Super and other new models.
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This brand's core vehicle got a power bump and a new name, CJ-3B.
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This brand will always be known as one of Ford's biggest follies.
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This brand had a slogan about how it "Sets the Pace."
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This GM subsidiary had success in the late 1950s with the Victor.
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To survive the economic ravages of WWII, this European automaker mass-produced the 1900, among other models.
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