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The '80s might have seen the rise of wrestling with the first WrestleMania, stars like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, and weekly televised events; but wrestling really didn't take off until the '90s when two rival promotions, the WWE and WCW, helped bring it to the forefront of American culture. Do you remember the wrestlers who helped grow wrestling in the '90s? Here's your chance to find out!

Wrestling throughout the 1990s had a significantly different tone than wrestling in previous eras. The sport moved on from the cartoonish elements of the late 1980s when kids were told to take their vitamins and flashy colors attracted viewers. In the '90s, realism was introduced into mainstream wrestling where violence was commonplace, blood was used more and more, and storylines reflected darker segments of society. The era had an attitude about it, and the wrestlers had an attitude themselves. 

How well do you know '90s wrestling and the stars who took to the squared circle during that time? Do you think you can name those wrestlers from a hint, or will you start to falter when you get past your favorites? If you're up for the challenge, take this quiz and prove your knowledge on wrestlers in the '90s!

One of the greatest performers of all time, which wrestler was nicknamed the "Heartbreak Kid"?

Shawn Michaels was forced into an early retirement in 1998 after a back injury forced him to have surgery. Luckily, he was able to return to the ring in 2002.


Known as "The Deadman," which wrestler used The Tombstone Piledriver?

The Undertaker's gimmick could have been turned into a joke if it was put in the wrong hands. However, Mark Calaway's commitment to the role made the character both a beloved and feared fan favorite.


Which rebellious wrestler had a feud with Mr. McMahon because he refused to obey corporate orders?

Everyone wants to stick it to their boss, but most people would be fired if they tried. Luckily, Stone Cold Steve Austin wasn't afraid to stand up to his boss because his feud with Mr. McMahon was one of the best storylines ever written by WWE.


Which legend gave Bret Hart his first WWE Championship?

Ric Flair could put anyone over. He was just that talented. It's no wonder then that many wrestlers won their first championship off the "Nature Boy."


Who had an undefeated streak that lasted to 173-0?

Goldberg's undefeated streak seemed insane, especially considering he wasn't that talented of a wrestler. Some people get an early push, though, while others have to wait their turn.


Which wrestler is known for doing Slim Jim commercials?

The "Macho Man" Randy Savage gave some of the greatest promos of all time. From his insane lines to the intensity in his voice, all eyes were on Savage anytime he took the mic.


Which wrestler went "Hollywood" and became the leader of the New World Order?

Hulk Hogan's popularity as a face reached its height in the late '80s. However, he took on a unique role when he turned heel by joining the NWO in the WCW.


Managed by Mr. Fuji, which wrestler cheated to win the WWE Championship from Bret Hart?

Yokozuna wrestled in the first ever "Monday Night Raw" match. The program would go on to be the weekly staple for the WWE.


Who was kicked out of The Four Horsemen because he wouldn't give up his title shot against Ric Flair?

Sting was the face of WCW before the company went under. He was known for his charisma and natural athleticism.


The brother of the Undertaker, which wrestler came back to get his revenge after their parents were burned alive?

Kane made his first appearance in 1997 at Badd Blood: In Your House. He interrupted a "Hell in the Cell" match between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, giving Michaels the victory.


Who was the original leader of the Nation of Domination in the WWE?

The Nation of Domination was based on the Black Panther Party. However, some of the members were not black.


Which wrestler competed against Shawn Michaels in the first-ever ladder match in the WWE?

Bret Hart was one of the most technically sound wrestlers to ever go through the business. He was trained from an early age by his father Stu Hart, a legendary wrestling trainer.


Who defeated Mankind with the help of Mr. McMahon to win his first WWE Championship at Survivor Series 1998?

When the Rock turned heel, the entire wrestling world turned on its face. The People's Champion was no longer a hero for the people.


Which wrestler left WWE with Scott Hall to join WCW?

A hole was left in the WWE when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash departed. It took a few years and a new era for the company to recover.


Which wrestler ran down the ramp and around the ring before entering for his match?

The Ultimate Warrior won his only WWE Championship in 1990. However, fans were not done with the Hogan era, and the Ultimate Warrior was never fully accepted as champion.


In a storyline, who turned on the United States by supporting the Iraqi cause?

Sgt. Slaughter was defeated by the American hero Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VII. The match was billed as "Superstars and Stripes Forever."


Which wrestler was known for being rowdy?

Roddy Piper was an excellent wrestling heel throughout his career. He had some legendary '90s feuds with wrestlers like Rick Rude, Bret Hart, and Jerry Lawler.


Which wrestler wore a sock around his hand?

Mankind was one of the creepiest yet most entertaining wrestlers to watch. When the Undertaker threw him off of the steel cage, the wrestling world thought he died, but the leather-faced wrestler climbed back onto the cage just to be thrown through it later.


Known as "The Game," which wrestler married Stephanie McMahon?

HHH was part of the Kliq which tried to push themselves to the top of the WWE for title shots and money. Other members of the group included Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.


Which wrestler's real name was Scott Hall?

Scott Hall suffered from drug problems throughout his career. Those problems have led to health issues as Hall has aged.


Which wrestler died in the ring after falling from the rafters during a stunt in WWE?

Owen Hart was a beloved wrestler known for his comedic antics. After his death, pressure was placed on the WWE to make the sport safer for the performers.


Which wrestler called himself "The King"?

Jerry Lawler had a successful career as a commentator for the WWE as well. His commentating skills often provided heat between opposing wrestlers.


Once named the 1-2-3 Kid, who teamed up with Kane in 1999 to win the WWE Tag Team Championships?

X-Pac's first match in the WWE was against Bret Hart as the 1-2-3- Kid. Hart won the match, but he put the 1-2-3 Kid over by allowing him to have his moments throughout the match.


Which wrestler teamed up with his brother as they jumped off of anything they could climb on to hurt their opponents as well as themselves?

The Hardy Boyz dominated the tag team division as they helped make the division relevant. They were part of the first TLC match and won multiple Tag Team Championships throughout their careers.


Other than Billy Gunn, who was part of the New Age Outlaws?

The New Age Outlaws made their debut in the WWE in 1997. The duo won their first Tag Team Championship on Raw is War after defeating the Legion of Doom that same year.


Which future WWE star originally appeared in WCW as The Giant?

The Giant was an immediate title contender in the WCW. He won both the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and the WCW Tag Team Championship during his time in the company.


Which female wrestler won the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 1999?

Chyna was one of the first female stars to compete in the men's division. She won her first Intercontinental Championship from Jeff Jarrett and later feuded with Chris Jericho over the title.


Which wrestler's first appearance in WWE was highlighted by a display saying "countdown to the new millennium"?

Chris Jericho was the last person to hold the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which he won when the title was united with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2001. He accomplished this after defeating Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock in the same night.


Which '90s wrestler wore a blonde wig and face paint?

Goldust was known for his sexually provocative nature in the ring. He would often try to seduce his opponents before attacking them when they were distracted.


Which wrestler was also a popular UFC fighter?

Ken Shamrock was a main-event fighter in the UFC, headlining multiple events. An exceptional fighter, he was once called "The World's Most Dangerous Man" by ABC News.


Once part of the Hart Foundation, which wrestler carried the nickname "The British Bulldog"?

Davey Boy Smith was part of a tag team known as the British Bulldogs. His tag team partner was Dynamite Kid, another exceptional British wrestler.


Which wrestler formed a vampire cult with Christian?

Edge and Christian won seven Tag Team Championships together. As a tag team, they are most known for their three-way matches with the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz.


Which wrestler won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 1999 in a four-way match including Ric Flair, Sting and Hulk Hogan?

Dallas Page started a program to help rehabilitate former wrestlers who are struggling later in life. He's helped wrestlers such as Jake the Snake Roberts and Scott Hall since starting the program.


Who was the tag team partner of Shawn Michaels in the Rockers?

Marty Jannetty certainly had some talent in the ring. However, he was overshadowed by the success of Shawn Michaels, who is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up his boots.


Athletic for his size, what was the ring name of Leon White?

Vader was a spectacle to watch because he could perform stunts that big men weren't supposed to be able to do. His athleticism made him a top contender in both WCW and WWE.


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