Quiz: Can You Guess the American Football Team by Its All-Time Leading Passer?
Can You Guess the American Football Team by Its All-Time Leading Passer?
By: J. Reinoehl
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Some NFL players will go down in glory as being the greatest of the great. In the NFL, the magic number for great quarterbacks is 30,000 passing yards. This is a number that not only shows a player's experience but often also means MVP awards, player of the year awards, Super Bowl championships and of course leading your teams to become dynasties. 

While most of these quarterbacks spent their careers with one team, others found that the end of their career was spent jumping from one team to the next helping to improve the league. So, while teams like the 49ers, Patriots and Packers have had more than one quarterback pass the reins onto the next elite you might have forgotten that a player like Brett Favre who spent 20 years with the Packers also played for the Vikings and _____.

Peyton Manning was a star in _______, before moving to_______. From gun-slinging country boys to scripted and analytical students of the sport, these greats of the game are as varied in style as their teams are varied in culture. 

See how well you know and remember the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history by trying to figure out a team they played on. 

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