Quiz: Can You Guess the Meaning of These Obscure Military Terms?
Can You Guess the Meaning of These Obscure Military Terms?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

Outside of computer geekdom, few places on Earth rely on as much jargon, slang, and acronyms as the United States Armed Forces. From the Army to the Marines to the Air Force and the Navy, every branch uses esoteric terms to convey vital information (or casual soldier-speak) in a hurry. In this tongue-twisting quiz, do you really think you know the U.S. military’s obscure terms?

Do you really know the meanings of “battlespace” and “acceptable loss”? And if you were in command, would you opt for a “scorched earth” policy – or find a more humane way to track down your HVTs and soft targets?

You can coordinate a “scoot and shoot,” or finagle the finer points of pitched battle. Either way, you’re going to need plenty of JDAMs and M-16s to make it through this war-blasted quiz! A background of war movies and plenty of M*A*S*H reruns might help you a little bit, but some off these are going to make you scratch your head. Just be sure to take off your helmet first or you'll end up in the clinic.

Are you an armchair general or are you a leatherneck through and through? Do a tour of duty in this obscure military terms quiz now!

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