Quiz: Can You Guess the Measurements of These Common Items?
Can You Guess the Measurements of These Common Items?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: Pixabay/Vitamin

About This Quiz

You know the bald eagle is a symbol of America, but do you know the average wingspan of this magnificent creature? As many times as you've counted your pennies or folded a dollar bill into your wallet, have you ever stopped to think about the dimensions of that dollar, or just how much that penny weighs? Thrown a few fastballs in your life - does that mean you know the diameter of a baseball? What about a bowling ball - do you know how much it should weigh?

Standardized sizing makes life infinitely easier for businesses, government agencies, and everyday citizens. It keeps us safe - think freeway lanes; protects us from counterfeit cash - bills and coins are made to very specific sizes; and keeps the rules fair across the football field, basketball court or hockey rink.

Beyond the objects you see every day, do you think you can also guess the dimensions of some major structures, like Cinderella's Castle at Disney World, or the Washington Monument or Empire State Building?

This quiz will test not only your ability to eye measurements or calculate weight without a scale, but will also challenge your power of observation, and how closely you pay attention to the world around you. Take our quiz to show your skills!

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