Quiz: Can You Guess the Missing Word from These Classic Book Quotes?
Can You Guess the Missing Word from These Classic Book Quotes?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

"When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?" All right, that's from a play, not a book. (It's "Macbeth," in case you're keeping score). But there's just something about a great opening line, or closing one, that sticks in the mind. A truly memorable line or two)can cement a book's reputation, lifting it from good to great. 

Are you a connoisseur of memorable lines from literature? We've got a quiz to test your chops. Not all of these quotes are from classic literature; some are from more recent but very popular fiction. (A certain boy wizard might turn up a time or two). Likewise, not all the quotes are first or last lines, though many of them are. Writers like to hook your attention at the beginning, and leave you with a serious thought to chew on. 

Do you know in whose fictional world the clocks struck "thirteen"? Do you remember the name of the main character who awoke to find himself changed into a "monstrous vermin"? Or who gave his creator a terrible warning about "your marriage night"? (Hint: the word 'creator' should clue you in). 

Whether you were an English-class hero or popular fiction is your jam, there's something here for you. Good luck!

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