Quiz: Can You Guess the MLB Player from His Statistics?
Can You Guess the MLB Player from His Statistics?
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

These Major League Baseball players knew how to hit home runs, steal bases, throw pitches, and rack up other statistics during their careers. How much do you know about them, though? 

Over time, baseball has gone from a game of star players to a game of numbers. In today's game, every Major League team uses some form of sabermetrics, which involves a statistical analysis of individual players. These players are defined more by their numbers than by their heroic efforts on the field. The most efficient players make rosters going into the baseball season. 

Would you make a good general manager when it comes to deciding who makes your team? Are you someone who can remember the statistics from all the great baseball players throughout history? Some of these players were good on offense. Some of them were good on defense, and then, some could do just about anything. 

Here's a quiz where you can test your sabermetric knowledge and see if you'd make a good general manager for an all-time great baseball team. You'll find all of your favorite players in here, or at least the ones who put up big numbers. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of Major League Baseball players and their statistics! 

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