Can You Guess the Movie or TV Show From the Cartoon Pet?

By: Kennita Leon

The last living sky bison, Appa, is the animal guide to Aang, a fictional character on the Nickelodeon television series, "Avatar: The Last Airbender." Appa can be described as a cross between a buffalo and a manatee. Appa demonstrates high levels of intelligence and responds to the words ‘yip yip’ by taking off into the air. Appa can often be found in the company of his animal friend, Momo the lemur.

This Hanna-Barbera Productions cartoon, "Scooby Doo, Where Are You!" introduced the world to teenagers Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy, along with their talking brown Great Dane, Scooby Doo. The gang would solve mysteries involving supernatural creatures. Scooby Doo is the lifelong companion of Shaggy, and they share similar character traits, namely being cowardly and always hungry. Scooby Doo can be persuaded into going along with the zany antics of the gang in order to catch the villain, by being given a ‘Scooby Snack.'

Cartoon Network animated series, "Adventure Time," follows the adventures of human Finn and his best friend and adoptive brother, dog Jake. Jake has the magical powers to change himself into any shape or size and together he and Finn set out in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. Jake's laid-back attitude and questionable advice-giving skills make him the perfect confidant to his energetic and fiery brother. Jake is in his 30s and is in a relationship with Lady Rainicorn, with whom he has five children.

"SpongeBob SquarePants" is an American animated series that follows the life and adventures of SpongeBob and his undersea friends in the city of Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob lives in a Pineapple under the sea and has a pet snail named Gary. Gary meows like a cat and is of royal blood. He enjoys the finer things in life and has a severe disdain towards taking showers. Gary also has the power to levitate and teleport and is the first cousin of Patrick Star, SpongeBob’s best friend.

This orange tabby can be described as fat, lazy and sarcastic. He Jon Arbuckle's pet and loves to sleep and eat all day. Garfield’s favorite food is lasagna and he also lives to make life miserable for Odie. Odie is the pet dog owned by Jon Arbuckle. Garfield is a non-speaking character. However, his thoughts are audible. Garfield has a soft spot for both Jon and Odie. Each episode of "Garfield and Friends" features the main character, Garfield, along with his many adventures and run-ins with other regular characters like Neurmal, Binky the Clown and Orson Pig.

Japanese created animation television series, "Pokémon," brought many characters to life, one of the most popular which is Pikachu, a pet that belongs to Ash Ketchum. Pikachu is an ‘electric type’ Pokémon and has short yellow fur with brown markings in the shape of a lightning bolt on its back and tail. Pikachu’s red circular cheeks can spark with electricity and Pikachu’s have the ability to evolve in Raichu when exposed to a thunderstone.

The American animated series, "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," was a popular children’s show in the 1980s that takes place on the fictional planet Eternia. This magical planet is home to Prince Adam. Prince Adam is endowed with magical powers once he holds the Sword of Power and utters the words, “By the power of Grayskull!" He is then magically transformed into He-Man, who is the most powerful man in the universe.

This music group gave life to three animated characters, Alvin, Theodore and Simon, who live with their adoptive father, Dave Seville. Alvin’s character is the mischievous ringleader of the group, who always gets himself and his brothers into sticky situations. Alvin is the lead vocalist in the band and can be described as an attention seeking, impulsive troublemaker that uses his charm to get himself out of trouble.

Hanna-Barbera created the animated series, "The Flintstones," that introduced the world to Dino, the pet dog of Wilma and Fred Flintstone. The Flintstones is set in a stone age era in the town of Bedrock. Although Dino has dog-like qualities, he is actually a purple dinosaur with black spots on his back, three strands of hair and a collar with his name tag around his neck. Dino can be found in most episodes excitedly jumping on Fred, happily licking away at his face, to Fred’s dismay.

Created by Seth McFarlane, this animated series focuses on the life and antics of the Griffin family, made up of Chris, Stewie, Meg, Lois, Peter and their pet dog, Brian. Brian is a sarcastic, smoking, alcohol consuming dog, that has the ability to speak. He is also a struggling writer who is trying to find himself while attempting to write a novel, screenplay or newspaper articles.

The premise behind American animated television show, "Pinky and the Brain," brings viewers on a journey of scheming by the self–centered Brain along with his trusting dim-witted but good-natured companion, Pinky. Every episode focuses on a new plan to take over the world, which ultimately fails. Pinky is a genetically modified mouse that shares the same cage with Brain. Pinky usually finds and points outs flaws in Brain’s plans that Brain usually ignores. ​

Jimmy Neutron's pet dog, who he built himself and named after famous American engineer Robert H. Goddard. The robotic companion is able to speak using voice recordings of Jimmy’s voice.

"The Jetsons" showcased the futurized life and times of the Jetson Family living in Orbit City. The family consists of George, his wife Jane, children Judy and Elroy, their robot maid, Rosie, and their pet dog, Astro.

The disguise-wearing, hyperactive, robotic assistant to Invader Zim, Gir was constructed by pieces of scrap given to Zim by the Almighty Tallest. Gir wears an earth disguise that can be described as a green dog suit that has a zipper on the stomach.

Roger Dearly and his pet Dalmatian, Pongo, engage in a frantic chase through the streets of London when Pongo sets his eyes on a female Dalmatian named Perdy. When the two fall in love, Pongo becomes the father to 15 Dalmatians and the adoptive father to 84 other puppies.

This Nickelodeon-created animated television series focused on a group of toddlers and the adventures they went on in everyday life. Spike, their dog, is a rare Siberian Tiger Hound, a fictional breed made up just for the show.

The premise of the show follows the adventures of stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb who live in Danville and are trying to enjoy their summer vacation by coming up with whimsical outlandish plans, while their sister, Candace, attempts to bust them. The siblings have a pet platypus named Perry who is a secret agent known as Agent P.

The 3D animated musical, "Frozen," followed Princess Elsa and her younger sister, Anna of Arendelle, through their childhood to their early twenties. Olaf is a cheerful snowman that was brought to life by Princess Elsa, who possesses magical ice powers. He was built by the sisters and he is the embodiment of innocence and love.

This fictional character was introduced to us as part of the cast of "It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." Snoopy is Charlie’s pet beagle. He is portrayed as a loyal companion who is very imaginative. Snoopy’s wild imagination has led him to believe that he is an author, college student, and an aviator.

The clay-animated television show focused on a green clay human-like character called Gumby and his pet dog Nopey. Nopey was given his name because when he barks, he says "Nope." Nopey is a gloomy Pitbull whose response to everything is 'no' or 'nope.'

Meeko is a raccoon that has a penchant to steal from people and can be described as a very sly and greedy character. His owner, Pocahontas, wants the best for him and implores him to stay out of trouble but in most instances, Meeko cannot resist.

Darwin travels the world with the Thornberry family and is the loyal companion to Eliza in the animated series, "The Wild Thornberrys." He attempts to be the level-headed one in the friendship that he shares with Eliza.

Kim Possible introduced us to Rufus, the naked mole rat, and pet of Ron Stoppable. Rufus lives in Ron’s pocket and goes everywhere with him. He is an animal with human-like intelligence. This fun-loving pet has a strong bond with Ron and has similar likes and dislikes.

This magical pink lion appeared to viewers on the animated series, "Steven Universe." He was once a normal lion that eventually died and was brought back to life by Rose Quartz. Using her healing powers, she turned him into the pink magical lion that he is. Lion was entrusted to safeguard Rose’s belongings and roamed the desert alone after Rose’s departure.

Being with his owner for so long has allowed Porkchop to understand what Doug is thinking and feeling. He is a friendly character that usually gets along with everyone, except Roger Klotz and his pet cat, Stinky.

Sanjay’s companion does nothing to pacify tricky situations, rather he is usually the one adding fuel to the fire and causing a ruckus. Craig Slithers has the ability to stretch and squash and consume or contain anything. He believes he is the most awesome thing on the planet.

Nibbler was discovered on the planet Vergon 6 by Turanga Leela, right before the destruction of the planet. Nibbler belongs to the Nibblonian species who have been around since the dawn of time. Nibbler and the Nibbloanias are an advanced race that serves to protect the universe from harm.

Pascal is a wide-eyed, sarcastic, yet loyal Chameleon that offers his companionship to Rapunzel. His parents were killed by a venomous snake and he was also bitten by that same snake. But he manages to climb up Rapunzel’s tower. Unfortunately, he dies from the venom but through the magical healing powers in her hair, Rapunzel is able to bring Pascal back to life and the two remain friends.

Created by Jumba Jookiba as an illegal genetic experiment, Stitch, also known as experiment 626, was created to enact chaos across the galaxy. However, he was adopted as a puppy by Lilo. Stich was designed to be mischievous, intelligent and indestructible. He has a short temper and has troublemaker traits.

Pluto was created in 1930 by Walt Disney Productions and became the pet dog to Mickey Mouse in "The Moose Hunt" in 1931. Pluto is a normal dog, who does not speak or walk on his hind legs, unlike other Disney-created dogs (Goofy). Pluto is generally a happy go lucky dog who sometimes gets jealous of the idea that Mickey might get another pet.

This white wire fox terrier is Tintin's loyal companion. "The Adventures of Tintin" was one of the most successful European comics of the 20th century and has been translated into more than 70 languages with 200 million copies sold. Tintin was a young Belgian reporter and adventure seeker who got himself involved in solving dangerous cases.

This romantic tale follows the sheltered uptown Cocker Spaniel named Lady and a regular street-smart dog named Tramp. Lady is a very demure character and also extremely naïve, however, she is very loyal to her friends. Lady has dark brown ears and brown eyes and the rest of her body is beige. She wears a light blue collar with a diamond-shaped tag that has her license information.

Produced by Disney Animation Studios, the computer-generated animated adventure film, "Bolt," centers around a small white dog named Bolt whose entire life has been lived on the set of a television series. In the show he stars in, Bolt uses his superpowers to protect his owner, Penny, from the evil Dr.Calico. In the real world, Bolt has to come to the reality that he isn’t a super-powered dog.

Brain is Penny's pet dog in the series, "Inspector Gadget." A typical day for Brain involves disguising himself and following Gadget around, hoping to go unnoticed. Brain remains close to Gadget, keeping him safe on his missions and keeping him from being taken out by the real M.A.D agents.

From the animated film, "Frozen," came Sven, a loyal reindeer companion to Kristoff, one of the major characters in the film. The dynamic duo run an ice harvesting business just outside Arendelle. Despite not having speech capabilities, Kristoff has the ability to understand what Sven is trying to bring across through his expressions. Sven has the personality of a loyal dog and serves as Kristoff’s moral compass, always urging him to do the right thing.

Iago, a pet bird, was first introduced as the loyal companion to Jafar and seemed to be just as nefarious, deceitful and murderous as the sorcerer. Iago was the one who persuaded Jafar to go through with the evil plan of marrying Jasmine in order to assume the throne.

This British clay-animation comedy series introduced viewers to Wallace who is seen as a friendly, cheese-loving inventor and a bit of an eccentric. At his side is his trusty companion, Gromit, a silent but intelligent dog. Gromit is seen as more intelligent than his owner and also less naïve. Gromit attended Dogwarts University and graduated with a degree in Engineering for Dogs. He enjoys knitting, cooking and is extremely handy when it comes to electronics. These two good-natured companions embark on everyday life adventures.

After Homer made a bad bet on Santa’s Little Helper to win a dog race, Bart and Homer decide to bring him home for Christmas, to the entire family’s delight. Santa is a very disobedient dog that does as it pleases, and is usually seen tearing up furniture or destroying the newspaper.

Angus the horse is the faithful companion of Merida in the Disney/Pixar animated film, "Brave." Angus is jet black with ivory fetlocks and has a powerful, sturdy body. He is stubborn and faint hearted but is ultimately loyal to Merida.

Dug is a fun-loving golden retriever that has the ability to speak English, thanks to a specially made collar that translates his thoughts into speech. Initially, Dug is part of a large bird retrieval team as one of Doctor Muntz's minions but he switches sides when he meets Carl.

Zeus crafted Pegasus out of clouds as a gift to his son, Hercules, when he was young. Pegasus is very protective of Hercules and does not think twice before jumping in to aid his best friend in battle. He is also very jealous when someone else has Hercules' attention, but those who have proven their loyalty meet no such resistance.

This purebred long haired Turkish Angora cat has blue eyes and wears a gold collar that is studded with diamonds around her neck. Duchess carries herself with elegance and grace and she is seen as ladylike and extremely beautiful. Her owner is Madame Adelaide Bonfamille in the animated cartoon "The Aristocats." This mother cat cares for her kittens and has a love of music which she picked up from her retired opera singer owner.

This animated horror-comedy series aired on Cartoon Network. Its main character is a pink dog who lives with Muriel and Eustace in the middle of Nowhere. Courage is tasked with protecting his owners from monsters, demons, aliens, zombies and even mad scientists.

Toothless is a Night Fury, one of the rarest dragon species and belongs to Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Night Furies are seen as one of the most intelligent dragon species. Toothless remains unbeaten and unmatched by any other dragon within the animated series, "How to train your dragon."

Zero is Jack Skellington's ghost dog. He has a glowing nose that resembles a jack-o-lantern. Together with his owner, they bring Halloween cheer to Halloween Town. Jack is the patron spirit of Halloween, similar to what Santa Claus is to Christmas.

Introduced to viewers in the Disney animated film, "Moana," Hei Hei is the dimwitted chicken that unknowingly accompanies Moana and Maui on their journey across the ocean. This accident-prone rooster is seemingly unaware of its surroundings with his only true emotional outburst coming when he realizes that he and Moana have gone past the Motunui reef.

These mice made their debut in Disney’s, "Cinderella," as they served as the close companions of the future princess. Taking the leadership role in the duo is Jacques, who is highly intelligent and quick-thinking. He sees Cinderella as a big sister and so does his counterpart, Gus. Gus, on the other hand, is a bit dimwitted, always concerned with ensuring that his belly stays nice and full.

The rivalry between Tom & Jerry is an everlasting one. Tom embarks on many missions to capture Jerry that usually allows for mayhem to ensue. However, the two rivals also have many moments of friendship throughout the years. Tom never really succeeds in catching Jerry because Jerry is such a cunning mouse.

In the Disney animated film, "Tangled," Maximus’ sole mission is to capture Flynn Rider. Maximus is a white horse with a blonde mane and tail and a large structure. His personal grudge towards Flynn Rider makes Maximus go above and beyond the call of duty to apprehend the criminal. However, Maximus was ultimately able to shake on a truce with Flynn in order to save the kingdom’s lost princess and return her to her parents.

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