Can You Guess the Salaries of These MLB Stars?

By: Khadija Leon

Born in 1988 in Dallas, Texas, Clayton Kershaw is a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. A left-handed starting pitcher, Clayton Kershaw began his major league career in 2008 and currently earns $32 million per season.

Forty-three-year-old, 6 foot, 3 inch tall, Alex Rodriquez or “A-Rod” as he is colloquially known, is a former professional baseball player, who played Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers. His salary before retiring was $20 million.

Samuel Kelvin Peralta Sosa was born in the Dominican Republic in 1968. Often called one of the best in the sport, Sosa began his baseball career playing for the Texas Rangers before moving to the Chicago Cubs in 1992. His average annual income of $18 million, made him one of the highest-paid players in baseball.

Hailing from Manakin-Sabot, Virginia, Justin Verlander is an American professional baseball pitcher who made his Major League Baseball debut in 2005 when he played for the Detroit Tigers. Currently a member of the Houston Astros, Verlander earns a salary of $28 million every season.

Currently the CEO and part-owner of the Miami Marlins, Derek Jeter began and ended his 20-year baseball career with the New York Yankees. Jeter’s last recorded salary as a professional baseball player was $12 million in 2014.

Torii Kedar Hunter is a former professional baseball player who during his tenure from 1997 to 2015, was a center fielder and right fielder for the Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Angels and Detroit Tigers. Before his retirement in 2015, Hunter earned $10 million per season.

David Ortiz Arias, born in the Dominican Republic, is a former baseball player who during his 20-year career, played for the Boston Red Sox where he earned himself the nickname “Big Papi.” Before retiring in 2016, his yearly salary was $16 million.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Adrian Beltre Perez began his baseball career with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1998 at the tender age of 19. He currently plays as the third baseman for the Texas Rangers where he earned an income of $18 million in 2016.

Born in 1983, in San Diego, California, Colbert Hamels currently plays as a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Starting his career in 2002, Hamels has played for the Texas Rangers and Philadelphia Phillies and he currently earns an estimated salary of $8 million.

A player for the Los Angeles Angels, Jose Alberto Pujols Alcantara was born in the Dominican Republic in 1980. As the seventh highest paid Major League Baseball player, Pujols earned an income of $25 million in 2016.

Born in Arkansas in 1977, Allan James Burnett or A.J Burnette for short, is a former professional baseball player, who during his baseball career, has played as a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, Toronto Blue Jays and Florida Marlins. His recorded salary for 2015 was $8.5 million.

Joseph Patrick Mauer is currently the first baseman for the Minnesota Twins. A flexible player, Joe Mauer has also played the role of catcher and designated hitter. His salary for 2014 was recorded as $23 million.

An iconic baseball player, Babe Ruth made his Major League Baseball debut in 1914 when he played for the Boston Red Sox. During his baseball career from 1914 to 1935, Babe was the highest paid baseball player, earning a salary of $80,000, which would be more than $1 million today.

Born in Oklahoma in 1984, Mathew Ryan Kemp is an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team that he became a member of in 2006. He also played for both the San Diego Padres and Atlanta Braves, and hiss salary in 2016 was reported to be $21.5 million.

During his baseball career, from 1999 to 2012, Carlos Noriel Lee played for Texas Rangers, Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers and Houston Astros. A former first baseman and left fielder, Lee’s last recorded salary was $18.5 million in 2012.

Manuel Ramirez Onelcida, sometimes called Manny, moved to the United States in 1985, with his parents. After learning to play the sport, he began his Major League Baseball career in 1991. As of 2012, Ramirez earned a salary of $500,000.

A former player for the Milwaukee Brewers and Cleveland Indians, Carsten Charles Sabathia, more commonly known as CC Sabathia, is currently a member of the New York Yankees. As a pitcher, Sabathia earns $10 million per year.

Best known for his time spent playing for the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs, Gregory Maddux is a former baseball pitcher who made his MLB debut in 1986. During his time with the San Diego Padres, Maddux earned an annual income of $10 million.

A current member of the Washington Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman is well known for his clutch hitting and walk-off hits. Zimmerman made his MLB debut in 2005, where he played as a third baseman. Now a first baseman, he earns nearly $14 million a year.

Nicknamed “Rocket,” William Roger Clemens is a former American baseball player who holds the record for the third-most career strikeouts. Clemens played for four teams during his baseball career but as a member of the Boston Red Sox, he earned an average $2.5 million annually from 1989 to 1991.

Born in Panama in 1969, Mariano Rivera also known as Mo, is a former baseball player who during his baseball career, was a pitcher for the New York Yankees. Playing in a total of 19 seasons, Rivera earned an annual income of $10 million.

A former member of the Kansa City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels and Milwaukee Brewers, Donald Zackary Greinke, who is now a pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks, is the second-highest paid MLB player in history, earning approximately $31 million annually.

Born in Venezuela in 1983, Miguel Cabrera is a professional baseball player who made his debut in 2003 with the Florida Marlins. Currently playing for the Detroit Tigers as the first baseman, the two-time American League Most Valuable Player In 2016 earned a salary of $28 million annually.

Michael Piazza began his baseball career in 1992 playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. During his career, he was traded among four different teams before retiring in 2007. His last recorded salary (which was in 2007), was $8.5 million.

Kenneth Griffey Jr., sometimes called ‘Junior,' retired from the Major League Baseball in 2010 after having played for 22 years. Griffey spent most of his career playing for the Cincinnati Reds and Seattle Mariners. Although his contract ended in 2009, Griffey will be paid $3.5 million annually until 2025.

Before ending his career in 2007, Barry Lamar Bonds played for both the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants. A left fielder for 22 MLB seasons, Bonds was one of the highest paid baseball players in history. Tied with Sammy Sosa, Bonds earned, on average, $18 million per year.

Puerto Rican by birth, Carlos Beltran earned an average annual income of $16 million as an outfielder for the Houston Astros. A baseball retiree in 2017, Beltran also played for the Kansas City Royals, New York Mets, New York Yankees and Texas Rangers during his career.

Hailing from Murfessboro, Tennessee, David Price plays is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball. Making his debut in 2008, Price is currently the third-highest paid MLB player, earning an annual salary of $30 million.

Two-time MLB all-star Michael William Hampton is a former professional baseball player who during his career, played for several teams which include the Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros, Colorado Rockies and Atlanta Braves. Upon signing his contract with the Colorado Rockies in 2000, Hampton became the second-highest paid pitcher in baseball, earning $15 million a year.

A Dominican-American, Pedro Martinez began his baseball career in 1992, playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. At the time of his retirement in 2009, Martinez played for the Philadelphia Phillies, where he earned an annual salary of $13.5 million.

Curtis Montag Schilling made his debut in 1988, playing for the Baltimore Orioles. A player for several other teams, Schilling’s most notable performances were with the Boston Red Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks and Philadelphia Phillies. Now retired, Schilling earned an average annual salary of $8 million.

Randall David Johnson is a former baseball player who during his baseball career, played for six different teams, most notably the Seattle Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks. Having played a total of 22 seasons, Johnson earned an annual average income of $8 million.

An American-born Mexican, Adrian Gonzalez Savin, played as first baseman for the Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets. His salary for 2016 was recorded at $21 million.

Matthew Holliday, who is currently a member of the Colorado Rockies, is a designated hitter and outfielder on his second stint with the team since 2008. Holliday has also played for the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics. His current earnings stand at $17 million per year.

Former professional baseball player Clifton Lee began his baseball career with the Cleveland Indians in 2002. Since then, he played for the Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners and Philadelphia Phillies until his retirement in 2014. His last recorded salary was $25 million in 2015.

Former professional baseball first baseman Mark Texeira made his MLB debut in 2003 with the Texas Rangers. During his career, he hit a total of 409 home runs and received three All-Star awards. Teixeira earned an average salary $22 million.

A former player for the Milwaukee Brewers, Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers, Prince Fielder was an MLB designated hitter and first baseman. Prince spent most of his baseball career playing for the Milwaukee Brewers. Before retiring in 2016, he earned a yearly salary of $24 million.

Canadian-born Larry Kenneth Walker is a former professional MLB outfielder. Walker played for the Colorado Rockies, St. Louis Cardinals and Montreal Expos during his baseball career of 17 years, earning an average salary of $5 million annually.

Former professional baseball player Jason Giambi played as a designated hitter and first baseman for the Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Indians during his baseball career. Making his last MLB appearance in 2014, Giambi earned $1 million his final season.

Hanley Ramirez made his MLB debut in 2005 playing for the Boston Red Sox. A three-time MLB all-star, the Dominican athlete is an infielder and designated hitter. In 2016, Ramirez earned a yearly salary of $22 million.

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A salary is a form of payment which is given to an employee from an employer as compensation paid in return for work which has been performed. It is usually a fixed amount given out at a fixed interval. 

In the world of sports, many professional athletes play their favorite sport not only for the love of the game, but also because they get paid big bucks to do so. Professional athletes have some of the highest salaries in the world. Among them are some of the professional baseball players who play in the MLB.

Some of the highest paid athletes in the league include Miguel Cabrera, David Price, Clayton Kershaw, Barry Bonds, Noland Arenado and Kris Bryant. These players sign multi-million-dollar contracts and each year, they collected salaries ranging from as low as $80,000  in the 1970s to as high as $33 million today, per season. Apart from their salaries, they also earn additional money through sponsorship and various endorsement deals.

How well do you know some of the salaries of the best players in the MLB? Well, only a true fan will be able to. Will you be one of them? Take this quiz if you would like to find out!

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