Can You Guess the Show From the Pet?

By: Bambi Turner

Voiced by Seth MacFarlane, Brian the dog is the Griffin's pet on "Family Guy." He speaks as well as any human and is likely the smartest member of the family. He is so popular with viewers that after he was killed off in season 12, Stewie has to go back in time and prevent his death from taking place.

Featured on the show, "Peanuts," on the Charlie Brown TV specials, Snoopy was a simple beagle with a big imagination. He often posed as a WWI Flying Ace to take on his enemy, the Red Baron.

Scooby Doo was more than Shaggy's pet -- he was also his partner in solving crimes, and went along with the gang on "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" as they worked to solve mysteries.

Drogon is one of three dragons hatched by Daenerys Targaryen on "Game of Thrones." She named Drogon after her late husband, Khal Drogo.

Garfield is a thorn in the side of his owner, Jon Arbuckle, in "Garfield and Friends." He's overweight, loves lasagna and hates Mondays, but Jon keeps him around for some reason never explained to audiences.

On the animated series, "Garfield and Friends," Jon Arbuckle was the owner of two pets -- a difficult cat named Garfield and a dog named Odie. Despite what Garfield may have thought, Odie was usually the smartest of the bunch, and always maintained a sunny disposition.

Fans of "Friends" met Marcel the monkey when Ross brought him to a New Year's Eve party. After Marcel began experiencing some "sexual difficulties," Ross was forced to donate Marcel to the San Diego Zoo.

Snowball is a name given to pretty much any cat ever owned by "The Simpsons." The family's cats have a bad habit of being killed and replaced by new ones, hence Snowball II, Snowball III and so on.

Tweety Bird was a yellow canary owned by Granny on "Looney Tunes." He lived in various states of battle with Granny's other pet -- a hungry kitty named Sylvester.

On "Full House," Comet was a Golden Retriever owned by the Tanner family. His legacy lived on when his great-grandchild became the pet dog to the Fullers on the reboot, "Fuller House."

Astro was the pet canine for futuristic family, "The Jetsons." George, the father, wanted an electronic dog called Electronimo, but settled for Astro when Electronimo malfunctioned.

Salem Saberhagen may have looked like a simple pet cat on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," but looks don't tell the whole story. Salem was actually a witch forced to live in a cat's body after he repeatedly tried and failed to take over the world.

Leela thought Nibbler was just a cute little furball when she first found him during an episode of "Futurama." Turns out, he's part of an ancient species of protectors who are out to save the universe.

Dino was an overenthusiastic Snorkasaurus who served as a pet for Fred and Wilma on "The Flintstones." He loved nothing more than to greet Fred at the door and knock him down as he returned home each day.

On the TV series, "Alf," the title character was an alien, not necessarily a pet. The Tanner family actually had a pet cat named Lucky, who Alf tried his very best to resist eating during his time on Earth.

Digby was Ned's Golden Retriever on "Pushing Daisies." After reviving the dog after it died, Ned learned he had the power to bring back the dead. This also meant he could never touch Digby again, or the animal would be dead forever.

Rowdy from "Scrubs" just might be one of the oddest pets on TV. The stuffed dog was purchased at a yard sale by Turk and J.D., who treated him as a pet for the duration of the series.

Every day was bring your pet to work day on "The Nanny." Fran Drescher's own Pomeranian starred on the show as Chester, the often-forgotten dog belonging to character C.C. Babcock.

Miss Kitty Fantastico was a cat owned by Willow and Tara on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." The cat disappeared from the series over time, but may have kicked the bucket after a mysterious crossbow incident mentioned in passing by Dawn in a later episode.

Petey appeared in the 1930s "Our Gang," which was later known as "The Little Rascals." The dog, whose real name was Pal the Wonder Dog, was known for a circle drawn with makeup around one eye.

Walt's yellow Lab, Vincent, was the only non-human survivor of the crash that landed the group on the island in "Lost." He later became a pet to other members of the group as they struggled to survive in their new environment.

On the kids series, "Wishbone," the title character was a small Jack Russell with a huge imagination. Owned by Joe Talbot of Texas, the pup imagined himself cast in great stories like "Romeo and Juliet" and "Oliver Twist."

After spending all his Christmas money at the track, Homer was left without any presents for the family. In an early Christmas episode of "The Simpsons," he rescued a racing dog he named Santa's Little Helper to bring home as a present for his kids.

Buck the dog just might have been the smartest member of the Bundy family in the '90s TV series, "Married...with Children."

The kids in the '70s series, "The Brady Bunch," had a pet dog named Tiger. While the dog disappeared after season 2, his dog house remained in the yard through the end of the series.

Lassie might just be the ultimate role model for television pets.The female collie lived on the Miller family farm when the show premiered in 1954, and later went to live at a U.S. Forest Service station.

"Mr. Ed" was a TV series that ran from 1958 to 1966. It featured a horse named Mr. Ed who was owned by a man named Wilbur Post. While the horse was a skilled talker, he refused to speak to anyone except Wilbur.

Flipper was a bottlenose dolphin that appeared on a series of the same name that ran from 1964 to 1967. He was a pet of sorts for Game Warden Porter Ricks and his sons, Sandy and Bud.

The "Jurassic Bark" episode of "Futurama" is a real tearjerker. It tells the story of what happened to Fry's loyal dog, Seymour, after Fry was sent 1,000 years into the future.

"The Addams Family" kept some strange pets, including a giant lion named Kitty, which fit right into their eccentric lifestyle in the classic '60s series.

Silver was the Lone Ranger's mighty white stallion. According to legend, the Lone Ranger saved the horse from an attack by a buffalo, earning the horse's loyalty for life.

Rin Tin Tin was a German Shepherd who appeared in the '50s series, "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin." In the series, the dog lived with a boy named Rusty who was raised by soldiers at Fort Apache.

Klaus is a pet goldfish belonging to the Smith family on "American Dad." In reality, he is a former Olympic skier trapped in the body of a fish thanks to the CIA.

Li'l Sebastian was a legendary mini-horse in "Parks and Recreation." The extraordinary creature was said to have an honorary degree from Notre Dame, and was photographed more than the Alamo in one remarkable year.

Lorelai adopts a dog after she and Rory have a falling out in season 6. She names the canine Paul Anka after the famous '60s singer.

In the '60s TV series, "Gentle Ben," the Wedloe family lived in the Florida Everglades, where the son, Mark, took care of his pet bear, Ben.

Detective Tony Baretta may have seemed like a hardened law man in the '70s series, "Baretta," but he was also the proud owner of a cockatoo named Fred, who shared Tony's rundown apartment.

On "Miami Vice," Elvis was Detective James "Sonny" Crockett's pet alligator. The critter had formerly served as the mascot for the UF Gators, before retiring to live the quiet life with Sonny.

The guys on "Entourage" thought that buying a dog would keep them safe from break-ins. Unfortunately, they ended up with a love machine instead of a protector when they adopted a cowardly rottweiler named Arnold. They liked the dog so much, they kept him, despite his failure as a guard dog.

In the '80s series, "Punky Brewster," Punky's mother abandons her in a shopping center with only her dog, Brandon, for company. An apartment manager named Henry later finds Punky and lets her and Brandon come stay in his home, eventually adopting her.

Spot was a cat owned by Data on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Data got the cat to help him become more human, and systematically developed new supplements to keep the feline happy and healthy.

Stella is a French Bulldog owned by the Pritchetts on "Modern Family." She spends most of her time destroying stuff, and seems to go out of her way to make Gloria's life more difficult.

Sprinkles was Angela's beloved and sickly cat in "The Office." When she asked Dwight to administer the cat's medicine one day, he returned to the office to inform her that the cat was dead and he had placed it in the freezer.

Backup was a pitbull that belonged to Veronica and Keith Mars on the TV series, "Veronica Mars." The dog was not only a pet, but also served as, well, -- Backup -- whenever the teen detective had to take on a dangerous case.

Arnold the pig was one of the biggest stars of the '60s TV series, "Green Acres." Fred and Doris Ziffel treated the pig as their son -- which most of the neighbors simply accepted, but which perplexed Oliver and Lisa when they first moved to Hooterville.

On the series, "Friends," Chandler and Joey were the proud owners of a chick and a duck. Over time, the "female" chick developed into a proud young rooster, while the duck swallowed one of Ross' engagement rings.

Murray was a collie mix who appeared on "Mad About You," which ran from 1992 to 1999. Paul was walking the dog in NYC when he met Jamie, who later became his wife and Murray's co-owner.

Eddie is a Parson Russell Terrier who belonged to Martin Crane on the show, "Frasier." While he was affectionate toward Martin, he spent a lot of time staring in disdain at Frasier.

After Simon prayed for a pet, he found a terrier he named "Happy." Fortunately, he was allowed to keep the dog, who became a beloved family pet on the series, "7th Heaven."

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Pets like Lassie played such an important role in the plot that the show was named after her. It’s a similar situation with "Mr. Ed" and “Wishbone.” And don’t sell these animal companions short: they can have a complex backstory. Salem Saberhagen may have looked like a simple pet cat on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," but he was actually a witch forced to live in a cat's body after he repeatedly tried and failed to take over the world. Or Klaus, a pet goldfish belonging to the Smith family on "American Dad." In reality, he is a former Olympic skier trapped in the body of a fish thanks to the CIA. Whether the pet is a sidekick or the star of the show, take this quiz, and you’ll recall all the fun adventures they had.  

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