Can You Guess the State from One Image?

By: Olivia C

Just to be clear, New York state is different from New York City. But the Big Apple is located there, of course.

Hawaii is a US state alright, but it is located far from domestic US territory. It's actually in Polynesia.

Florida is a Spanish word. It means "land of flowers."

Pennsylvania is where many Amish communities are located. That's why the state has their own brand of German language.

Texas is one huge state! It's the second largest in America, actually.

California stretches along the western coast of America. There are many great beaches here.

It's sad to note that the Equality State of Wyoming was subjected to a hate crime controversy. The Laramie incident involving Matthew Shepard prompted a hate crime law to be created.

Cajun and Creole languages are spoken here in Louisiana. Its capital is Baton Rouge.

Massachusetts is a very important state in the history of the USA. Yep, the Pilgrims landed here first.

Illinois is known as the Prairie State. It's also called The Windy State.

Kansas is named after the indigenous people who originally occupied this area. They're called the Kaw Nation.

Newark is the largest city of New Jersey. But the capital is Trenton.

Head on to Kentucky to see the Kentucky Derby. This is the most important event in horse racing in the country.

South Dakota's capital is called Pierre. Go visit Mount Rushmore.

Nevada's capital is Carson City. But people head over to Las Vegas for the casinos!

Richmond is the capital of Virginia. The CIA headquarters is here, by the way.

Oregon's capital is Salem. But people visit Portland because it's the biggest metropolitan area.

Elvis Presley is from Memphis. That's in Tennessee.

Naturally, Arizona is also known as the Grand Canyon State. You really have to see that when you're in the area.

Missouri is the birthplace of music legends. Some of them are Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, Josephine Baker and Sheryl Crow.

Iowa's capital is Des Moines. It is part of the so-called Corn Belt of America.

Race car enthusiasts always visit the Indianapolis 500 race. Known as the Indy 500, this happens in the state of Indiana.

The musical Hairspray takes place in Baltimore. This is Maryland's biggest city.

In the '90s, the sitcom Northern Exposure helped popularize Alaska to the mainstream TV audience. The largest city here is called Anchorage.

Savannah is a major city in Georgia. Take a tour of the Savannah Historic District when you visit.

Alabama has a rich history, one that reflects the historical attitudes of the US in general. Civil rights movements happened here.

Open-minded Vermont is the first US state to officially recognize same-sex marriages in the country. That's why the LGBT community loves them!

The capital of Ohio is Columbus. But people are more familiar with Cincinnati and Cleveland because of the sports teams.

Nebraska was home to many indigenous peoples even before the Pilgrims arrived. These include the Omaha, Pawnee and Lakota Sioux tribes, to name a few.

The Rocky Mountains are found in the state of Montana. It's just apt, since Montana came from the Spanish word for mountain.

Colorado is a favorite spot of filmmakers for shooting their films. The Shining was shot here.

The man who founded Salt Lake City in Utah was one of the Mormon leaders. That's why the biggest Mormon temple is found here.

New Mexico is where Santa Fe is located. This state capital is a very artist-friendly community.

Of course Oklahoma! the musical is set in the state of Oklahoma. Incidentally, this is the first Rodgers and Hammerstein musical collaboration ever.

Of course the state of Washington is named after President George. its capital is Olympia.

Minnesota's capital is Saint Paul. But Minneapolis is far more popular a city, since it's the largest, and home of many pop culture faves.

Rhode Island is part of the Thirteen Colonies. Check out your US history lessons for that tidbit, and more.

New Hampshire is nicknamed The Granite State. It's actually near Quebec in Canada.

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. They have a Harley-Davidson Museum here!

Fort Sumter National Monument is located in Charleston County, South Carolina. Learn more about the American Civil War in this place.

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When the vast land of the US of A is shown to you in an image, can you directly pinpoint which is which, or where is where, perhaps, in the land of the free and the home of the brave? This quiz will definitely test your knowledge about that.

Each of the USA's 50 states boasts of so many things. Are you familiar with their most popular tourist destinations and attractions? Great! Do you know the best national parks or historical monuments and markers in each of them? Nice! Can you identify the biggest cities of each state? Cool! If you agreed to all of these questions, then it's a sure bet that you will ace this quiz in no time!

You don't have to be an American to know all of these details and stuff. With the worldwide popularity of many of America's landmarks and tourist destinations, people from all over the world are already familiar with many of these special places. Plus, it doesn't hurt that we see these places in American-made movies and televisions shows. Yep, the world is so prepared for this quiz alright!

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