Quiz: Can You Guess the State on the Back of the Quarters?
Can You Guess the State on the Back of the Quarters?
By: Andrew Katz
Image: Wiki commons

About This Quiz

We bet you thought that quarters were for purchasing products or testing your luck out at the vending machines. But, state quarters had another idea in mind when the State Quarters Program was enacted in 1997. While the focus of the mint is on producing coinage, they also try to keep the popularity of coin collecting growing and the newest revitalization of the hobby, state quarters, was designed to bring in the new generation of coin collectors. And boy did it work! Nearly half of the U.S. population collects the coins for fun or a serious collection, which has created an additional $3-billion for the U.S. government by collectors taking the coins out of circulation.

Each state quarter is unique to the others. While some focus on heroes in the state's history, others display landmarks, animals, and plants that bring the history and culture of the state to life. Other coins feature characteristics never before found on U.S. coinage such as Alabama's quarter which is the first U.S. coin to feature Braille writing and the Charter Oak on the Connecticut coin that fell in an 1856 storm, yet can also be found on the 1936 half-dollar. 

State quarters are some of the most interesting coins a numismatist can collect, both new and experienced. Let's see how well you know your state quarters by identifying them from an image!

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