Quiz: Can You Guess the Top Speeds of These Cars?
Can You Guess the Top Speeds of These Cars?
By: Craig
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Drivers have always been fascinated with the top speed of vehicles and engineers, drivers, and roadster lovers have been trying to knock off the highest speed since the first automobile. The first car speed record was calculated at a whopping 10 m.p.h. The year was 1886, and Karl Benz (yes, that Benz) drove the first "horseless carriage." The vehicle was powered by a 0.75 horsepower, one-cylinder, four-stroke gas engine. The vehicle had a water-cooled internal combustion engine, three wheels, and of course, a buggy-style seat. 

So, how much has changed in the past 140 years? The current land speed record for a car is 763.035 m.p.h. and yes, you read that correctly. While you may want to go that fast someday, for most people the top speeds for their cars ranges around 140 m.p.h. unless you are lucky enough to own a Lamborghini. Are you an engineer, a race car driver, or just a lover of cars? See how many of these common (and not so common) cars you can figure the top speed. 

From a Fiat 500 to a Dodge Viper, these speeds trickle around 100 m.p.h. to well surpassing 200 m.p.h. Best yet, you don't need to run them on a closed track in New Mexico to test their limits. So, throw on your driving gloves and kick the tires, this quiz is ready to take off. 

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