Quiz: Can you guess these beauty mistakes?
Can you guess these beauty mistakes?
By: Isadora Teich
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A lot goes into beauty know-how and skin care, but how well do you know the do's and don'ts of beauty? Test your beauty knowledge with this on trend HowStuffWorks quiz!

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How important is it to cater to your specific skin type?
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Do makeup brushes need to be cleaned regularly?
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Is brushing your hair when it's wet bad for your hair?
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Can sunscreen expire?
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How often should you replace your eyeliner and mascara?
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Where should you test your foundation when shopping?
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Taking hot showers is _______ for your skin.
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People with oily skin should use moisturizer: True or false?
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Does lipstick expire?
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Which part of your hair should you condition?
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How often should you wash your makeup brushes?
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Which of these should be put on first?
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How long should you keep powder eyeshadow for?
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What do you need to do before heat styling your hair?
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How often should you get your hair color touched up?
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What kind of bronzer should you contour with?
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Foaming cleansers are best for which skin type?
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Over-exfoliating skin is a big problem: True or false?
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Is it possible to use too much dry shampoo?
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How often does the average person need to wash their face?
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You should use the hottest setting on your hair dryer: True or false?
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What makeup mistake can make you look orange, instead of flawless?
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Never apply liquid foundation straight from the bottle or tube with_______.
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Is it a good idea to towel dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel?
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When doing makeup, it's most important to focus on:
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Can you shampoo your hair too much?
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What should your daily skin care routine include that most people forget?
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It's best to do your makeup in natural light: True or false?
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How does rough treatment affect hair?
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Should you apply sunscreen under your eyes?
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What's the easiest way to get a dramatic lash look?
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