Quiz: Can You Guess if These Car Model and Year Combinations Actually Exist?
Can You Guess if These Car Model and Year Combinations Actually Exist?
By: Craig
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About This Quiz

Greenlight! Go, go, go, go!

Consider yourself a car expert? Do you know both auto manufacturers and their various iconic brands? Why not put that knowledge to the test in this wickedly deceptive quiz in which we see if we can trick you when it comes to car model and year combinations?

Remember the first mass-produced car that made motoring affordable? Do you know in which year Henry Ford made it available to the American public? What about the Chevy classic named after a creature of the deep? A simple true or false is all that is needed to see if the model year we give you actually existed. Plus, there are so many others that will certainly put your knowledge of models, brands and auto manufacturers to the ultimate test. Don't expect an easy ride here!

This will certainly be no picnic! So saddle up your Charger, don't forget Dyna and ride off to the Frontier! A true auto aficionado certainly would stand a chance of finishing in pole position in this quiz! And that's you, right?

So what are you waiting for? Start your engine, floor the accelerator and aim for glory, first place and the checkered flag.

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