Quiz: Can You Guess If These Creatures Are Poisonous or Not?
Can You Guess If These Creatures Are Poisonous or Not?
By: Jody Mabry
Image: Shutterstock

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Do you know that only 25% of snakes are actually poisonous? While that sounds like good odds, you still need to watch out because that 25% equates to about 600 species. More worrisome is that of those some are more than poisonous - they are deadly. Would you know if a mole or a woodchuck is poisonous? Well, one of them is, so you might not want to go petting those cute wild mammals just yet. 

Understanding which animals are poisonous, venomous and deadly can save your life someday. And even if animals look the same, such as a copperhead and milk snake, that doesn't mean they have the same behavior. On the other hand, sometimes they do. Did you know there are only two species of lizard that are poisonous? That's out of over 4,675 species. Your odds may be a little better than snakes, but which lizards do you need to worry about? It may not be as obvious as you think ... or is it?

From creatures that howl and grunt to those that slither and hop, see if you can figure out how many of these amazing creatures are poisonous or not. Hopefully you get it right, because there is no antidote if you're wrong. 

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