Quiz: Can You Guess These Easy Military Acronyms?
Can You Guess These Easy Military Acronyms?
By: John Miller
Image: pexels

About This Quiz

The United States military is one of the most jargon-laden organizations on planet Earth. That’s partly due to the esoteric nature of many of its functions – nowhere in civilian life must one deal with DoDAAC (Department of Defense Activity Address Code) or CINCLANTFLT (Commander-in-chief, Atlantic Fleet). Those acronyms are often a product of standardization procedures, efficiency ... and bureaucracy. In this quiz, do you think you can identify these easy military acronyms?

If you’ve ever served, you’ll immediately understand acronyms like LT, CO and FOB. They’re all standard terms for daily life in the military. But even hardened leathernecks may forget the exact meaning of jumbled letters like CODELS and FBCB2. That’s why we’re going to keep it easy on you this time around – think of this quiz as BCT for harder quiz to come.

So the acronyms we throw at you will be more basic, like EPW, FIST and EOD. And if you don’t know those, we’ll share: Enemy Prisoner of War, Fire Support Team and Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Think you’ll be able to blow up the rest of our tough quiz terms?

Throw on your BDU and grab your M16! Take aim at this military acronym quiz now!

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