Quiz: Can You Guess These Hard Military Acronyms with a Hint?
Can You Guess These Hard Military Acronyms with a Hint?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

In peacetime and times of war, the United States Armed Forces relies on massive manpower, big guns ... and a truly byzantine legion of acronyms. 

Everyone from high-flying pilots to generals to infantry uses a raft of esoteric alphabetical jumble to quickly communicate ideas and messages that would simply be too hard to describe in normal English. So, rather than say Commander, Air Group every time, you simply say “CAG.” Do you think you know enough about military acronyms to pass this DS (drill sergeant)-level quiz?

You probably already know that CAPT refers to “Captain” and LT is for “Lieutenant,” because they’re used in about every war movie ever made. But did you know that BDE stands for “brigade”?

These days, technology is as important as lead bullets. That’s why America stresses the importance of EW, or electronic warfare. But if all else fails, troops will rely on GBUs (guided bomb units) to destroy their enemies.

Careful with this tough military acronym quiz! If you’re not careful, you’ll be just another wounded warrior who has to be picked up at the CCP (casualty collection point). Ace this thing and use HE (high explosive) rounds to smash an enemy to smithereens!

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