Quiz: Can You Guess These Occupations from a Picture and a Hint?
Can You Guess These Occupations from a Picture and a Hint?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Suppose you just graduated from college or your local high school.  While many of us may not know exactly what we want to do for work, once you find a job, you are antsy to get into your workplace and grind through your day, especially when that job is new and full of learning opportunities.  Eventually, you may feel like your job is a drag, but if you have your dream job, it may not feel like you're working at all and the hours just fly on by.

But what kind of position would you want to have?  Do you like serving the community?  If so, police work or firefighting may be the job for you.  How about educating students from all over the world?  Then being a teacher or professor may be your best bet.  Maybe you love taking care of others?  Caretaking, nursing or being a doctor may be the perfect fit.  Or perhaps you are a righteous person who is always righting wrongs.  If that is the case (pun intended), then being a public defender, attorney, paralegal or a judge may be in your best interest to pursue.

Do you want to know what your colleagues will look like?  Well, we've gathered some images of the ideal person in their workplace, so you can discover what your future holds by taking this quiz.

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