Quiz: Can You Guess These Professions From Just a Single Sentence?
Can You Guess These Professions From Just a Single Sentence?
By: J. reinoehl
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When I grow up, I want to be a... fill in the blank here. You probably said this sentence countless of times when you were younger. Your teachers might've even made you write a paper on it. Regardless of what you are now, your answer might've been something like a teacher, an athlete, a pharmacist. With all the modern professions you could think of, can you name them from a single sentence?

Before we move to the modern workforce, we have to pay an ode to all the former jobs that no longer exist! When people use to go bowling, there would be young boys at the end of the lane ready to set the pins back in their place. While computers are still a thing of today, it was a she in the past. Companies would often hire young women to work for them "computing" and "calculating." This job would give away to the machine - the computer.

These two jobs are obsolete, but there are others that will never disappear. What would the world be without teachers, doctors, and judges? How would you go from NYC to London without a pilot? A lot of these jobs have been around for decades, but there are others that are seemingly new.

What would you call the man or woman making your venti iced caramel macchiato? In the growing age of technology, what do you call the person who writes the setup for multiple programs?

With all these modern-day professions, how many do you think you could recognize from a single sentence? Should a quiz-taker be a modern-day profession? Let's see if you'd excel at this job!

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