Can You Guess These Tools From a Single Sentence?


This is used to measure any angle.

The angle meter is used to measure any angle with ease. An angle meter also has the benefit of an easy-to-read dial.

This tool is used for woodworking layout and general scribing.

The awl is also known as a scratch awl. It's used for precision woodworking layout and scribing.

This tool is a curve-cutting saw that is also great for straight cuts and re-sawing board.

The band saw is the ultimate curve-cutting saw. Don't try to do that job with a machete!

This tool is like a vise grip, but allowing for a wider opening.

A C-clamp is similar to a vise grip, but it offers a wider opening. It can hold objects in place while joining or sawing.

It's best to buy this kind of hand tool.

A cheap tool may not survive many uses. A quality hand tool will last a lifetime and beyond.

This tool is used for measuring outside and inside dimensions.

Calipers come in two forms: inside and outside calipers. These are used for accurately measuring inside and outside dimensions.

This is the most powerful way to cut lumber.

The circular saw is considered one of the most powerful and accurate wood cutters. This tool is critical for any building or framing project.

This tool is perfect for hole boring.

The drill press is the king of hole boring. It can bore holes of various different sizes, and it's used in both metalworking and woodworking.

This has a milled striking face.

The drywall hammer is used for installing drywall. It features a milled striking face that is opposite a hatchet blade.

This was historically used to cut the arms and legs of chairs - not people.

The English bow saw can accurately cut curves and straight lines. It's most commonly used for cutting chair legs, arms and arches.

This file has both round and flat surfaces.

The four-in-one hand rasp is one of the best that you can own. It has round and flat surfaces and each side has a double-cut and rasp-cut end.

This tool is a type of hand saw.

In fact, there are many types of hand saw, including the jigsaw, hacksaw, and many more. The hand saw is the most common and recognizable saw.

This is perfect for large multispur bits, Forstner bits and hole saws.

When it comes to propelling large multispur bits, Forstner bits and hole saws, you need a heavy-duty drill. With this tool, you can bore fist-sized holes.

It has a V-notch and a long handle.

The nail puller features a V-notch which easily slips under the nail head. The long handle gives you extra leverage.

This is used for removing brads and small nails.

The pincer is essentially a large nail puller and cutter. It can pull nails like a claw hammer.

This separates objects using a curved blade.

The pry bar has a curved blade that fits behind molding or between sections of something that you want to pull apart. The long handle gives you extra leverage.

This saw can chew through anything.

The reciprocating saw can basically chew through anything. The "recip" is necessary for all contractors and remodelers.

Rifflers have _____.

Rifflers are for shaping and smoothing, and they have two different ends. One end is course and the other is fine.

This file is used for enlarging holes.

The round file is the standard tool for cleaning up and enlarging holes. It's also great for shaping tight internal curves.

This is used for striking blows without damaging the surface.

Both of these kinds of mallets are used for striking a surface without causing damage. They're great for assembling furniture and metalwork.

The scroll saw is sometimes known as this.

Ever wonder where the word "jigsaw" came from? The scroll saw is a freehand curve-cutting machine with fine-tooth blades. Think of a jigsaw puzzle.

This is used for sharpening blades.

Sharpening stones are pretty standard when it comes to sharpening tools with chisels and planes. These are blocks of either natural or artificial stones.

The sliding bevel square is otherwise known as the _____.

The sliding bevel square is otherwise known as the T-bevel. This is a great tool for marking, transferring and checking angles.

This is the "paperclip" of the workshop.

The spring clamp is considered the "paperclip" of the workshop. This is great for holding mitered corners.

The studfinder is used to locate _____.

So, that one was pretty easy. The studfinder is an essential tool for locating wall studs. (It will not work on studly men.)

This is an essential level.

The torpedo level is considered an essential leveling tool that everyone should own. It's small enough to fit in your back pocket.

These are used to scribe a large diameter circle.

Trammel points allow you to scribe a large diameter arc or circle. You can also transfer measurements that are too great for dividers.

The two-handed screwdriver gives you extra _____.

The two-handed screwdriver features a double-grip handle. This design feature allows you extra high torque.

This is the woodworker's hammer of choice.

The Warrington hammer is the hammer of choice for those who work with wood. The cross-peen allows you to start small nails and brads, and then hammer them with the other end.

A mechanic's bench level is always made of this.

The aluminum bench level is considered the mechanic's bench of choice. It's extremely stable and lightweight.

Use an automatic center ______ to make a dimple.

Have you used an automatic center punch? It allows for one-handed operation, whereby a spring-loaded mechanism strikes a blow. It makes a dimple, or starting point, for placing a screw.

This is a clamp with nylon.

The band clamp features a nylon band and ratchet mechanism. It's great for clamping oval, round or odd-shaped pieces.

Can you saw through a brick?

You can absolutely saw through brick, using a brick saw! It features a coarse cutting blade that cuts on the pull and push strokes.

A cold chisel is made of _____.

The cold chisel is a marvelous stone-cutting tool. The integral handle and blade are made entirely of steel.

This tool does the most stuff.

Arguably the most versatile power tool on the earth, the corded drill can do it all. It can bore holes, drive screws, brush away paint, sand edges and so much more.

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