Quiz: Can You Guess Who Outranks Who in Military History?
Can You Guess Who Outranks Who in Military History?
By: John Miller
Image: user:cramyourspam edited retouch of old US Govt photo

About This Quiz

In peacetime and war, the United States Armed Forces only work thanks to a strict hierarchy. At the bottom, you have privates and ensigns – at the top, the colonels, generals, and admirals are the men and women who really call the shots. Without this detailed ranking system, the military would essentially devolve into a ceaseless shouting match. In this camo-heavy quiz, do you think you know which of these famous officers outranks the others?

In most cases, officers attend school at places like West Point, Annapolis or another military academy in order to learn the leadership skills they need to command men in combat. But in some situations, like the deadly sprawl of World War II, many enlisted men climbed the ranks to become officers, learning how to lead amidst the battlefields of Normandy and Belgium. Do you think you know which WWII heroes achieved the highest ranking during and after the conflict?

From the American Revolution to the Spanish-American War and the Civil War, generals have come and gone. A few, like George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower, have ironclad legacies. Take this ranking quiz now! We’ll see if you really know your five-star generals from the three-star wannabes!

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