Quiz: Can You Identify All of These Rice Dishes?
Can You Identify All of These Rice Dishes?
By: Ian Fortey
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About This Quiz

Rice was first cultivated in China and then spread out to surrounding areas like India, the Meditteranean, Northern Africa, and Europe. From there, it was brought to the New World until it had reached every corner of the globe and had been adopted into every kind of cuisine. Part of the appeal of rice is that it can be grown just about anywhere. Today rice is the second most produced crop in the world behind maize and is the single most important crop for human consumption.

Even though there are only a few kinds of rice that have achieved a high degree of popularity in the world and show up on restaurant menus from New York to New Delhi, there are actually over 40,000 different species available, so consider that next time you can’t decide between basmati or jasmine.

Since rice is grown and enjoyed on every continent except Antarctica (though the people who work there probably bring their own to enjoy) it should come as no surprise that there are hundreds upon hundreds of different rice dishes out there. How many do you think you’ve tried in your life? How many would you like to try? Take the quiz and see how well you know your rice!

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This classic Louisiana rice dish is often made with andouille sausage. What is it?
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This Asian dish actually has variations from Thailand, Japan, and the Philippines amongst others, though the Chinese version is most well known in North America. What is it?
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This simple rice dish uses the “milk” of another plant to flavor it. What is it?
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This dish is one of the most popular dessert recipes for rice. What is it?
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This Indian dish can be very spicy and is layered with meat or vegetables. What is it?
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This very simple dish can be found in many places in the world but is often associated with Mexican or Central American cuisine. What is it?
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This Spanish dish can be made with seafood or meat or even vegetarian and gets its vibrant color from saffron. What is it?
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This Italian dish is known for its creamy consistency. What is it?
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This dish uses rice and meat to hide a surprise inside something else. What is it?
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This one-pot dish from Africa gets its trademark color from the use of tomato, an integral part of the recipe. What is it?
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This dish is so simple you could make it with nothing but rice. What is it?
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The name of this dish literally means “rice with chicken.” What is it?
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This lamb and rice dish is the national dish of Jordan. What is it?
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This Hawaiian dish has a restaurant chain named after it but isn’t Spanish despite how it sounds. What is it?
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Variations of this dish cooked in broth and sometimes including meat and vegetables can be found all over the world. What is it?
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This colorful rice dish is popular in Spanish, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. What is it?
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This extremely popular Japanese dish often features fish, but not always. What is it?
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This layered dessert dish from the Philippines is made with coconut and glutinous rice. What is it?
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This Sri Lankan dish is cooked in coconut milk and is often eaten for breakfast. What is it?
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This popular breakfast cereal makes great marshmallow treats. What is it?
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This crunchy rice treat is popular with dieters since it’s known for being low calorie and low fat. What is it?
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This lactose-free beverage is sold in many grocery stores and can be made at home as well. What is it?
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This stew made with rice is very popular in Louisiana. What is it?
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This Middle Eastern dish is actually served upside down. What is it?
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This sticky dessert cake is a favorite in the Philippines. What is it?
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This Korean dish is made by cooking rice alone or with other grains until the water is all gone. What is it?
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This supermarket staple was advertised as “the San Francisco Treat.” What is it?
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A popular canned version of this dish is sold by Campbell’s. What is it?
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This Italian item means “little orange” in English. What is it?
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This famous Korean dish is served with mixed vegetables, soy sauce and often an egg on top. What is it?
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This porridge-type dish can be served as a side or if meat and vegetables are added, as a meal on its own. What is it?
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This Creole dish doesn’t have the most appetizing name. What is it?
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This Cajun and Creole dish is a lot like jambalaya. What is it?
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This sweet drink is often flavored with cinnamon. What is it?
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This dish is often mistaken for sushi. What is it?
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This grocery store staple can save a lot of time in the kitchen; what is it?
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This product is becoming increasingly popular because it’s gluten-free. What is it?
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This seafood dish is often served spicy. What is it?
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This dish, sometimes called red rice, is made with sauteed onion, garlic, and tomato. What is it?
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Most people don’t think of this soup as a rice dish at first, but rice noodles are a key ingredient. What is it?
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