Quiz: Can You Identify All of These Cars Named After Animals Based on an Image?
Can You Identify All of These Cars Named After Animals Based on an Image?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Youtube via Vehicle Virgins

About This Quiz

Car names are often a thing of mystery. Sometimes they're named after their makers, sometimes after their functions and sometimes after their look. When it comes to naming cars after animals, lots of people are a bit stumped. Let's examine this further. 

According to numerous articles, the names of cars are often influenced by the markets they are intended for, which is strange if you consider the title of this quiz. Are the cars meant for jungles, prairies and wildlands? 

Well, they aren't, but it is reported that the marketing team, once a new product has been designed. searches for words that help reflect the car's personality and sometimes, characteristics. This makes more sense because sometimes cars are reflective of qualities one would find in vehicles. 

Take for example the Impala, Charger, and Thunderbird. They all, once thought of, bring up feelings of power, sleekness and being dynamic, just like the animals they are named for. 

Mind you that the marketing team has to take numerous factors into consideration when choosing a name, such as trademarks, other possible meanings of the word and what the word means in other languages. 

It's no wonder that carmakers like naming their products after powerful animals; it intrigues buyers, trademarks are easy to get around and the chance of there being a mix up with different languages is very slim. 

After you've considered the brief car-naming lesson we've given you, do you think you can guess the animal names the cars in our quiz just by looking at a picture?

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