Quiz: Can You Identify All of These Red Cars From a Photo?
Can You Identify All of These Red Cars From a Photo?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: By Berthold Werner, from Wikimedia Commons // JARO SPEED via youtube // By Autoviva (Flickr: Alfa Romeo 4C Concept) , via Wikimedia Commons // By Craig Howell from San Carlos, CA, USA (DSC01209), via Wikimedia Commons

About This Quiz

There is just something about a red car.

Think of Ferrari. That's their color, isn't it? Sure, they offer all their cars in a range of other colors, but they simply do not look as impressive as the red. After all, even their Formula One team has red cars.

It is a common perception that red cars cost more to insure in the United States, but this is an urban legend - simply not true. 

That said, red cars are not the most popular cars found in the United States. That status belongs to silver and white models, which account for a little over 20% of all the vehicles on the road. In Europe, it is very similar, while world figures are also a little over 20%.

Now red cars are around half that figure for the United States (10%) while in the rest of the world that figure drops to 9%. Maybe far too many people believe that old urban legend then!

But enough about car colors other than red. In this quiz, we present you with an image of a car model in red, and we'll see if you can identify the make and model. Some are simple, others are not.

Take your time and you will ace it!

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