Quiz: Can You Identify All of This Winter Sports Gear From a Photo?
Can You Identify All of This Winter Sports Gear From a Photo?
By: Craig
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About This Quiz

Winter may be behind us, but if you're a winter sports aficionado, your love of everything snow is never far from your heart.

In fact, now is the time you begin to fantasize about making that next perfect run down your favorite mountain on freshly fallen powder.  Or perhaps Nordic skiing is more your style.  Either way, you're going to need the right equipment to help you traverse the terrain.

Maybe you prefer another type of speed on the snow, aided by what is much like a motorcycle on snow.  After all, it IS a snowmobile!

If you're into team sports, it doesn't get much better than hockey.  Whether played indoors year-round or on a frozen lake exposed to the elements, it's a rough and tough contact sport that demands balance, grace and grit from the players.

No matter which of the hundreds of winter sports you chose, your gear is crucial not only to your performance but to your safety.

In this quiz, you'll find equipment used in 50 of the most-loved winter sports.  Sure, there are easy ones like skis and helmets, but there are some pretty obscure ones as well.  Do you think you can name them all?  Or will you wipeout facedown in the snow?  There's only one way to find out.  Take the quiz!

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