Can You Identify the Professional Chef's Gadget From an Image?

By: Bambi Turner

Sometimes you don't want to dump all your ingredients into a normal blender, but your dish does need some kind of blending or pureeing. In this case, a handheld immersion blender can be placed right into the pot to thicken up soup, froth sauces or even pulverize garlic and onions for tons of extra flavor.

A splash of citrus is the perfect complement to many recipes, but biting into the seed from a lemon or lime while dining is a sure way to ruin a meal. A citrus juicer is the perfect gadget for releasing those flavorful juices while keeping seeds safely contained.

No, this is a knife! A chef's knife is a must-have for any pro cook. It slices, dices, chops and cuts everything from meat to veggies. Most chef's knives are good for years as long as they are regularly sharpened and maintained.

A colander looks pretty much like a big salad bowl - except it's full of tiny holes. This gadget is perfect for draining pasta after cooking, or for washing salad greens and other vegetables or fruit.

Is there any dish that doesn't taste better with a bit of garlic? Yet any chef knows that just peeling and chopping isn't enough to release the full potential of this bulb. A garlic press crushes the fragrant food, releasing its full flavor so it can be added to a favorite dish.

It's hard to flip a sizzling steak with a fork or spatula, or to serve salad with a spoon. A good pair of silicon-tipped tongs can be used for cooking and serving, but they are gentle enough to prevent scratches to your cookware.

A mandoline is a specialty slicing tool used to create thin sections of potatoes or other vegetables. This gadget is perfect for creating matchstick or julienne cuts and is designed to protect your fingers while you prep.

If you have a great meal with no wine, have you really had a meal? Every good chef has a corkscrew in his or her arsenal to pop that top and keep the vino flowing.

Nothing ruins a meal like a bad case of food poisoning. Make sure meals are properly cooked with an easy-to-read digital thermometer to ensure no one goes home sick.

No one wants a soggy salad, but getting the water off of greens after washing them can be a chore. A salad spinner dries the greens using centrifugal force, flinging away water to keep leaves crisp.

Sure, you can skin veggies and potatoes with a paring knife, but it's not exactly comfortable or easy - and you run a real risk of slicing a finger or two. A Y-shaped vegetable peeler makes quick work of unwanted peelings on carrots, potatoes and other ingredients, and it is also safe and comfortable to use.

A spatula is a versatile must-have for any chef. Pick one with a sturdy handle and heat-resistant silicone blade to spread, mix, flip and turn as you work your way through meal prep.

Ever tried to cut a loaf of bread with a non-serrated knife? Rather than even slices, you end up with a pile of torn, rough bits. Instead, try a serrated bread knife, which has teeth that are perfect for cutting bread and pastries.

A cutting board is a chef's best friend, providing a clean service for chopping and prep. While stone and glass boards look nice, they tend to dull knives, so choose wood or plastic to keep your knives in top shape.

A whisk is designed to add air to fluff up dressings, sauces, desserts and eggs. Choose multiple whisks in various sizes and take the time to find one with a comfortable grip to make cooking a breeze.

Forget measuring cups and spoons - for true recipe accuracy, stick to a kitchen scale. These gadgets weigh out ingredients for greater precision and control in the kitchen - and they're also a handy tool for portion control.

It would take a long time to fill soup bowls using a standard spoon. Instead, chefs in the know reach for a ladle. This long-handled serving utensil makes it easy to dish out soups, stews and even things like rice and beans.

A stand mixer is the jack of all trades in the kitchen. Sure, you can use it to mix dough or other ingredients for baking, but with the right attachments you can also use it to make pasta, ice cream and zoodles.

Smart chefs know that a well-stocked kitchen includes both a blender and a food processor. While a blender is great for smoothies and fine purees, a food processor is perfect for coarser cuts and for making everything from salsa to hummus.

A paring knife is a cutting tool with a short blade. It's versatile enough for peeling veggies or potatoes, but the tiny pointed tip is also perfect for delicate tasks like pitting cherries or coring fruit.

Take your favorite sandwich heaped with cheese, turkey or ham - then take it to the next level by heating it up and you've got pure sandwich perfection. A panini press gives you a tasty, gooey meal with the perfect bit of grilled crunch.

A skillet is a must-have piece of cooking equipment for any chef. Wide and low with sloped sides, it's designed for quick cooking - think stir fries and frittatas.

These aren't just ordinary scissors. Kitchen shears are designed to make quick work of cutting up a chicken, or for slicing beef or pork into perfect strips for serving. They can even be used to cut fresh herbs or trim and prep veggies.

Have you ever made mashed potatoes and found they were just too dense? A potato ricer takes care of that problem by pressing the potatoes through fine holes, resulting in a dish that's extra fluffy. It can also be used to make baby food or to puree fruits and veggies.

A burger press is used to create meat patties of a consistent size. Made from metal or plastic, it ensures your beef, lamb or other burgers are perfect every time.

Even the best kitchen knives get dull over time, making it much harder to chop or cut. A knife sharpener will come to the rescue. Some sharpeners allow you to simply slide a knife through a groove to enhance the cutting edge. Manual sharpening stones are another option, requiring a bit more skill but offering greater flexibility.

It's hard to beat food cooked on the grill in terms of flavor, but grilling isn't always practical due to weather or limited space. To get that flame-grilled taste in the kitchen, try a grill pan. You'll get the same char marks without the extra work of firing up the grill.

Spoons are great for scooping up liquids, but why would you want one with slots or holes in it? A slotted spoon like this one helps you separate liquids from solids, making it easy to scoop out meats or veggies from the liquid they were cooked in.

Any good chef knows the value of parchment paper in the kitchen, but this disposable material can be wasteful and expensive. Silpat baking mats or other brands of reusable silicone sheets can be used in place of parchment paper. They are used for baking as well as for handling sticky ingredients - like rolling out dough for pizza or cookies.

A blender is so much more than a way to make your morning smoothie. This small appliance is used to prepare soups, sauces and purees for all kinds of favorite dishes.

Any chef worth his salt needs at least one saucepan. This round and deep piece of cookware can be used to prep sauces or gravies, or to heat milk or butter. Many chefs prefer saucepans that are lightweight and easy to pour from, though this might limit the amount of sauce you can prepare at one time.

A mortar and pestle is a traditional tool for grinding and mashing. It's useful for smashing everything from garlic to spices, or for preparing things like hummus or guacamole.

A saute pan is a wide, shallow pan with straight sides. Also known as a frying pan, it can be distinguished from a skillet because it doesn't have the sloped sides that skillets are equipped with.

Have you ever noticed how different a clove of garlic smells when you crush it compared to leaving it intact? The same is true for fresh whole spices, which taste much stronger when processed in a spice grinder just before use. This handy tool can also be used to grind or crush nuts.

A baking sheet is a flat piece of metal used for cooking everything from pizza to cookies. It is different from a baking pan, which has raised, rolled edges.

A microplane is similar to a grater, but it is designed to produce even finer shavings. It is perfect for grating things like cheese, ginger or horseradish.

Despite its name, a potato masher can manage so much more than just spuds. Sure, it can create perfect mashed potatoes, but it's also perfect for making applesauce or refried beans, in addition to tons of other dishes.

Broiling involves cooking food at high heat for a nice toasty finish. A broiler pan is a two-part dish used in this process. The top part of the pan holds the food, while the bottom part catches grease to make cleanup a breeze.

A rondeau pan is similar to a Dutch oven, but with shallower sides. It's typically used for braising meat for an extended period, but is also useful for prepping soups and stews.

A stockpot is one of the largest pieces of cookware in the kitchen. This tall, wide pot - which almost always comes with a matching lid - is the perfect piece for preparing broth, stock and soup. It is easy to spot, thanks to its tall, straight sides and large size compared to most other kitchen cookware.

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Yet even with all the pressure, pro chefs can find some relief knowing they have the right tools in place to get the job done. That means not only a great set of knives and cookware, but also all the gadgets that make prepping, preparing and squeezing the last drop of flavor from food as simple as possible. Sure, a great chef can prepare a solid dish with barely any tools, but results come much easier to chefs with well-equipped kitchens.

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