Quiz: Can You Identify All of the Cold War Aircraft from an Image?
Can You Identify All of the Cold War Aircraft from an Image?
By: Mark Laufgraben
Image: Shahram Sharifi/Ted Quackenbush/Tomislav Haraminčić via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Fighter aircraft are and have always been the Knights of the skies, and the stakes have rarely been higher for these airborne warriors than in the half-century-long conflict we know of as the Cold War. Two nations and their attendant power blocs played chess across a global stage, and the stakes were the destiny of humanity itself. But even if much of the conflict was ideological and political, the Cold War turned hot at many points! When it did, the Jet Fighters detailed in this quiz were some of the most valuable pieces on the board. 

Each of these peerless vessels is the result of hundreds of millions of dollars of development, immense manpower and technological savvy, all bound together to form some of the greatest and deadliest weapons ever wielded by humankind. No less dangerous are the pilots themselves, the elite among their respective military forces, each of them requiring hundreds of hours of flight time and years of classroom knowledge before they could be worthy of their roles.

Here you will find the best of the best, the jets that crisscrossed the skies and set horizons aflame. How much do you know about these mighty warbirds? Put on your helmet and get ready for our Cold War aircraft quiz!

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